Thankful Thursday: September 3rd

Last night after Mr. H & I gazed at the sleeping J (we can't help ourselves, the high we get from seeing our fast-asleep toddler is just too addicting), we crawled into bed and as we closed our eyes we tried to dismiss the agitated vibes* of the day.

In order to fall asleep with happier thoughts, I proded Mr. H:

"Tell me two good things from today"

He replied "There were no good things today"

Ever the optimist (and knowing full well that you cannot have a day without good things, even on the most frustrating of days!) I insisted, "Just tell me two things!"

He paused, then replied: "Two good things: Getting a kiss from J and cuddling with him before he went to bed."

I thanked Mr. H for sharing his 'good things', gave him a kiss and smiled in the dark room. His two good things are awesome, I thought. Another reason family life is so important in God's plan for us--there are 'good things' we just can't experience any other way.

I thought about all of the frustrating things of the day, and countered them with all of the good things I could grasp from the day's events. The sunshine, fresh peaches, a sewing tutorial by a kind friend, a completed project, safe travels to and fro, a dinner downtown with some girls from Church, followed by 7 for $20 deal at Bath & Bodyworks, and the cutest 14 month old on the planet. All good things!

I started this nightly ritual when I was living in Portugal as a missionary and having a particulary challenging time. I realized that focusing on the 'bad things' only fuels the negative energy...while pointing out the 'good things' can change everything about a day.

I started a *miracle journal* where I would write down 3-5 'MIRACLES' (essentially any "good thing" i deemed worthy--which could be anything ranging from a letter in the mail to a delicious pastry to a family who listened intently to our message) every day. On days where I needed extra umph I could re-read what I had written and the 'good things' would cheer me on. At first it was hard to find things to add to the list, but it didn't take long until I had re-programmed my heart to recognize the good in almost EVERY situation.

Thankful Thursday works in the same way--more focus in gratitude helps me to focus on those good things in my weeks which results in a happier ME. Gratitude, by its very nature, is a positive emotion. And don't we all need more positive emotion in our lives??

I am thankful for all of the good things, for the challenges that push us to find seemingly hidden miracles, and for opportunities to remind ourselves of what the good things really are.

Now it's your turn.
Tell me two good things from today!

*It was a crazy day: Trevor broke a tooth (5% chance he'll have to have a root canal, 95% chance he'll have to have a crown--which still costs 400 clams after insurance covers 500)--THEN we were treated like trash (and basically called "riff raff" by Bob the disgruntled employee) at the DMV and walked away with only one set of license plates and only one of us with a new driver's license. To top it all off, while I was away, J got stuck under the couch & Mr. H had to figure out a way to pick up the couch & get him out without injury. All wrapped up in one package called "Wednesday".


The Crew said...

I am glad you and Trevor were able to find 2 kind things from yesterday because honestly, that sounded like a horrible day!

My 2 good things for today (so far):
1. My goodbye *kiss* from Mr. E as I left for work.
2. Knowing that when I leave work today, I have the next 4 days to hang out with the kids, camping, before the new school year starts on Tuesday.

Linda said...

I am thankful Spencer can drive his very own self to MTSU...and ...that
Charles Dickens wrote books. ( I am reading Oliver Twist for the first time. ) bonus: a working washer and dryer in my very own home!

What I've Learned So Far ..... said...

Wow. What a day. There aren't two better people I'd rather have in the room with me if my child were wedged under the couch than my husband and yours, so yay for Super Dad! :) I'm very sorry to hear about his dental injury and the financial stress that brings (but will be praying for God's comfort, healing, and provision) as well as your treatment at the DMV. Bob's behavior was inexcusable, but I will do my best to pray for him. Anyway. Becaue I know I should. Sigh. But I'm praying for you guys first! :)

I am thankful for my son and husband, whom I'm looking forward to being with this evening. I'm also thankful for my mother-in-law, who will have dinner ready when my family all gets home. And I'm thankful that I've apparently made it through a whole day of work. I don't take that for granted like I used to. :)

Love you!,

jennie b said...

I love your miracle journal idea. I agree that we train ourselves to see the good or the bad in situations. Sometimes the bad seems to loom so big, I forget to look past it to the good. I think I might start a journal too!

My 2 good things:

1. Because of my wonderful mother, who drives an hour and a half to my house every week to watch Darren while I go to school, I was able to get a lot of my internship hours done. Someday I'll have a job! :D

2. My sweet little baby pooped 3 times today! Sometimes he gets constipated, so that's one less thing to worry about today.

jennie b said...

Oh, and while it was probably a serious situation at the time, little J being stuck under the couch made me laugh! I hope all turned out well and he wasn't too scared and didn't get hurt.

Olive said...

I know this is a little behind the times but I finally got around to catching up on your blog and how awesome it is (you are). My two things (I could list so many more- I am blessed far beyond what I could ever deserve): 1) My beautiful daughter who appreciates my love for her; and 2) my oh, so so so so precious grandchildren!!!