Thankful Thursday: November 19th

Step Right Up, Ladies & Gentlemen...

It's Your Weekly Thankful Thursday POST!
Straight from the heart of central Wisconsin
(and my little laptop)

The Wee Hours of Thursday Mornin'
I'd Better Give It To You Straight Up: Simple List Style

I am thankful for a warm little apartment.
(Heat is included in the rent. What? You thought we liked the view?)

I am thankful for a clean little kitchen.
(Mr. H babysat, bathed, fed, & read to the toddler WHILE he cleaned the house--or in some kind of excellent sequential order)

I am thankful for Matilda
(My beautiful little kitchenaid who worked so hard for me over the last 24 hours: 2 batches of cupcakes, 2 batches of cakes, 4 batches of frosting,& 2 batches of cookies)

I am thankful for the strong women in my life
(You know who you are. Yes, YOU!)
who inspire me with their graceful living

I am thankful for the opportunities to give of myself
(and the ways that I receive more than I give, keeping me forever indebted)

I am thankful for little sparks of Portuguese conversations
(that keep popping up along the way, warming my little coraçao)

I am thankful for the most important things of all
(that remind me of how fru fru so much of the rest really is), did I just type "fru fru"?

I am thankful for a year of the best journal entries ever--
My Thankful Thursday posts! week will be 1 year since I started this game

And I might just start all over again.

What are you thankfully enjoying today?


Stephanie said...

I enjoyed sleeping in until a wet nose woke me up (my dog), I enjoyed getting a shower in before the babe woke up, and I am thankful that I was able to keep him happy during his diaper change by tickling him.

What I've Learned So Far ..... said...

I am thankful for beautifully wrapped gifts that show up in the mailbox, totally unexpected! Intricately labeled and stuffed with amazing "bubble poppers", as they're known in my family. I'm thankful for cute cards that someone took the time to write in so that I could be uplifted and reminded that I am loved. I'm thankful for homemade, gorgeous applesauce in a jar (I love jars) that tastes so good unsweetened that my family has decided to forego adding sugar & leave it that way! It is delicious! I will write more later, but I did want to reassure you that the package made it to New Concord from Wausau. I also wanted to tell you that "Tenho saudades de ti . . . demasiado? [Or maybe]
também? :) Love you! Susan