Thankful Thursday: February 4, 2010

So I took a week off from 'Thankful Thursday' , since I was on an all-day travel expedition last Thursday:

-3 hrs to the airport
-1 hr prep time + 1 hr wait time
-3 1/2 hrs in the air to Phoenix
-3 1/2 hr layover (after missing my connecting flight) in Phoenix
-1 1/2 hr in the air to SLC
-1 hr getting luggage + rental car craziness

(Tired yet?)

I should have blogged while in Phoenix (because they are so cool they offer free wifi in the airport!) but I was busy coordinating my change in plans and watching Psych on hulu (can you blame me--I needed a good laugh).

The weekend was whirlwind & wonderful--it was strange to be hopping from place to place without my sidekick (aka darling redhead toddler). He was in excellent hands, though so I was at peace (thank you, Mr. H, Leesa G, Charity G, & Amy B!) & quite enjoyed my diaper-free travel. The diapers were quickly replaced by TISSUES, though as I was bogged down by a winter cold. UGH.

All in all, the weekend was splendid--sacred ground sprinkled with moments of wonderful cousin bonding time. 'Twas unforgettable.

And I returned with a fully Thankful heart!

I am thankful for the people who jumped into place to make my trip so stress-free
-Again: Mr. H, Leesa G, Charity G, & Amy B for loving & being there for J
-Uncle Morgan who graciously offered standby tickets
-Lindsay S. who let me crash at her place at a moments notice

I am thankful for the beautiful funeral service that honored my 97 year old Grandfather
-his sons who gave loving tributes & moving testimonies of the gospel of Jesus Christ
-the powerful musical number by cousin Molly
-a graveside service saluting his military sacrifices

I am thankful for the quality family time we shared together this weekend
-with my Mom, Dad, brothers & sis-in-laws
-with my many-and-oh-so-awesome cousins
-since I was going to miss the summer family reunion anyway

I am thankful for the reason we are going to miss the summer family reunion...

What are you thankful for this week?


heidizinha said...

we looooove psych!

Linda said...

I am thankful that I had such a good relationship with my inlaws, and I love them and miss them...

Thankful Morgan made it possible for you all to affordably come to the funeral.

Thankful for those that put us up and fed us, and for those that put anyone up and fed them.

Thankful that we missed a crazy bad storm in Tennessee--87 accidents in our county according to the police report ( many just had to be pulled out of ditches) .

Thankful we know families are eternal, and that we will know them for who they are!