Thankful Thursday: July 15, 2010

My feet are propped up,
It's only 7am
They feel puffier than they look.

How are your feet feeling this morning?

Hope your feet are feeling just fine and that you can count 3-feets' toes-worth of thankful thoughts...

I know I can!

Today I am thankful for:

1-the brownies Mr. H made last night (that I may or may not have snacked on as apart of my breakfast this morning)
2-the time & effort put into an awesome grill-out party last Saturday that allowed us to meet more people from church in a fun, casual (albeit STINKIN' HOT) setting
3-the A/C that is already up & running here at our hacienda (I'm admitting it: this summer humidity is killing me!)
4-fresh white sweet corn that I purchased yesterday at the roadside stand (yummity yum!)
5-the fan that breezed on my face all night long last night
6-the pool passes that are waiting for me to pick up at the club house later today
7-the doctor who answered all of my questions and gave me compliments on my mothering at J's two year check up earlier this week
8-lunch and picnic play dates to fulfill my goal of MAKING SOME FRIENDS. I'm serious about this, folks. I need some friends, and I need them NOW.
9-Maalox. I really don't know how I would sleep every night w/out it these days.
10-Two healthy growing that I chase all day and the other that keeps me awake all night, I really am so blessed!
11-the kind Mama that let me have a diaper on Sunday to change J's bum--what was I thinking not bringing any diapers??
12-re-assuring words from my Mama
13- employment for Mr. H and that his 'working from home' groove is getting better (and that I am figuring out MY groove as it applies to him working from home as well!)
14-duct tape (using it as a 'belt' for J's diapers during the night...)
15-pillows. propping my feet up pillows, propping my head up pillows, supporting my back pillows. I am pretty dependent on pillows these days for extra comfort (36 1/2 weeks now!)...and I am THANKFUL.

Now, it's your turn...prop those feet up
on a pillow & think thanks!


Linda said...

Pillows are truly one of the things that makes life good. I love mine so much. Dad steals mine so much.
When we were at BYU, BROKEN UP, he borrowed a pillow from me. It never ends. The pillow saga.

Stephanie said...

I'm thankful that George went back to sleep after waking up at 5 am, and didn't get up until 8. I'm thankful that my little guy helped me tidy up the house before our friends came over for a play date. I'm thankful that another little boy could come and run around with George so I didn't have to run around with him! And I'm thankful for the chance to sit and chat with a friend and watch our cute boys.

Olive said...

Grandchildren! I am so thankful for GRANDCHILDREN. What a joy and privilege it is to be a part of their lives. My goal is for them to know so certainly that they are loved so completely that they will be confident of God's love all their lives. I want to be a part of them realizing that love!