Thankful Thursday: September 16, 2010

Good Morning, One & All!

How have you been & are you enjoying cooler breezes these days?
What about your nights--is the sun going to bed earlier?

The nights are earlier here and the cool air has been delivered exactly as I requested...fabulous fall is just around the corner! Can you feel it?

I'm feelin' it.
And I'm feelin' thankful
...especially after yesterday's post (see below) with all of that frustrated ball of emotion.

No time to waste--It's THANKFUL TIME!

This morning, I'm feelin' thankful for:

  • Mr. H's safe return from his out-of-town business. I believe this will be the busiest out-of-town month with this job so far, I miss him when he's gone and I smother him with hugs when he returns. Maybe it's a good thing?
  • Baby N's ONE MONTH (today!) of joy-bringing life (and that he successfully slept in his bed last night!)
  • Toddler J's pure sweetness: last night he reminded Mr. H--who was rushing through the bedtime routine-- that he couldn't go to bed without saying a prayer (which may or may not have been a cleverly played stall tactic, but still)
  • New friend Danielle for coming over (a reason to be dressed & ready before noon!) for a visit and lunch with her toddler
  • My hair appointment tonight (it's been about 4 months) to get a trim. Or a crazy cut? Haven't decided yet, but at the very least I'm getting my bangs back, and I am SO ready!
  • Brownie mixes, mint chocolate chip ice cream, & Nutella--all of which have been keeping me going this week (I am craving chocolate like a mad woman!)
  • My laptop. Let's face it--I'm addicted to blogging & staying connected online. It's my lifeline to the rest of the world when I'm covered in spit up & cleaning up poo. Thanks for being a part of my escape.
  • My Mom. And the fact that she answers the phone even when she knows it is me and I just need to ask her what temperature to put the oven on to roast vegetables, or that I want to ramble about something, or just need to have some adult conversation--when she clearly has other things she needs to be doing!
  • The power of music. Sweet melodies can sooth a crying soul. Or at least drown out the cries of a toddler...
  • Quiet moments of meditation. My days don't offer very many of these lately (since I'm hoarding any quiet time for me to catch some Zzz's), but when they come, I am filled and reminded. I am reminded of the blessings in my life and the God who has given them to me. I am reminded of my relationship with the Savior and my responsibility to teach my children about Him.

Now, I feel MUCH better going through my thankful list with you. Thanks for joining me today...what are you feelin' thankful for this mid-September* morning?

*Not November, as originally posted. Thanks, Bekah!


Anonymous said...

mid-November?? That means I have a new 5-year old.. it better only be September!

I love your thankful thurs. posts. You remind me to keep my priorities straight. I'm thankful for YOU!

Sharalea said...

oh dear.
Mommy Brain has struck again!
Thanks, Bekah for the correction--yikes! NO IT IS NOT NOVEMBER YET.

i hope.


It's Me - Jen E! said...

I am loving the cooler temps...but I am not sure I was properly given the time to bid adieu to summer. Fall seemed to just stomp right in.

But, today, oh today....I am extra thankful for my wonderful husband, who 15 years ago on September 16th said "I Do".

Linda said...

I am thankful you call me so adds to the fun in my day and you inspire me. And I love to hear the boys and get my turn to talk to Jackson. I am thankful for my daughter who blesses me daily!