Thankful Thursday: Friday the 13th (May 2011)

Somehow this week has been simultaneously very fast and very s l o w.

Do you have weeks like that?

Baby N has been in a funk but is now getting out of it...but is now sleeping lots with a runny nose (teeth?). Toddler J is all kinds of fun & creative but still needing naps so my days I feel are jumping in between the nappers and the eaters and the messes
(I'm talking to you, pile of cereal covering almost the entire kitchen floor).

And yesterday we met with friends at a park--hot & humid--
but perfectly therapeutic.
Just what this Mama needed...
even though it meant I completely forgot about my Thankful Thursday post!

So here we are...Friday the 13th...

Thankful much?

I'm Thankful For:

-A lovely Mother's Day breakfast from my sweet Mr. (who was also up with Baby N at 3am that same morning)

-The best Mother's Day card EVER from my darling toddler (with help from his Sunday nursery teachers--who are awesome!)

-Kids shows on Netflix (especially Veggie Tales. Yes I like to talk to tomatoes!)

-sunshine & breezes on Monday (gorgeous weather!) & fun time outside with my firstborn

-working A/C on Tuesday (what? summer? whyyyyyy?)

-Mr. H coming home on Wednesday (we miss him so much when he is gone!)

-wearing capri jeans that I bought two summers ago (remember last summer I was large with child)

-awesome park play time on Thursday (we were there for 3 hours!)

-well-planned & inspiring women's meeting at Church last night (and the chat time in the parkinglot with friends...we left at 11pm?)

-a clean sink (nothing compares!)

-clean sheets (wishful thinking here...thankful for the clean sheets I'll have...tomorrow? tonight?)

-my MOM

-babies!! Friend D is in labor RIGHT NOW

-Conference issue of the Ensign magazine (write up of all of the inspirational talks we heard from Church meetings last month)--YAY!

-good music

-hand-me-downs (thank you very much, donor Will & Willing Mama Jen)



I'm thankful today, and it's FRIDAY.

What about you?

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It's Me - Jen E! said...

I am thankful for making it through the last 3 weeks with support, encourangement and kind thoughts from friends and family.

I am thankful for my kids who I have hugged on more in the past few weeks than probably in their entire lives....

I am thankful for the legacy my Grandma left....

I am thankful to have some of her things to remember her by....(sewing maching here I come!)

I am thankful for an upcoming cousins Chicago reunion. And some mom/daughter/sister/niece time.

I am thankful to be mentioned in Thankful Thursday (er...Friday edition)