Thankful Thursday: May 26, 2011

The air is cold & wet outside...
we slept to pelting rains and super fast winds
my favorite.

I find myself, again, prayerful and thinking of those who have lost
and worse...loved ones.
This tornado season has been rough.

I hope you are safe & dry wherever you are
this Thursday morning.

J is wearing cozy pajamas (we keep putting away the winter pjs, only to get them out again on cold nights) and as happy as can be. He loves his footie pjs. I can't blame him. They look very comfortable.

I've got comfy pants on's a morning of coziness in our house...
perfect for reflection & thanks.

I am thankful for:

-Mr. H's safe return (these out of town business trips are becoming more frequent!)
-my singing, energetic boy (making up songs in the morning is a favorite)
-my sleeping, happy baby (he has been sleeping great lately: blessings!)

-friends & family's protection during the storms
-fresh strawberries
-fresh out of the dryer blankets

-fun family time
-the opportunity to meet up with cousins in Chicago on Saturday
-friends who notice a need and step in

-our trip to the zoo with friends
-catching up with favorite friends
-baby giggles

-lazy mornings
-old photos
-fudge brownies

I'm thankful for the men and women who are giving their time and energy to the many relief efforts going on in the midwest & south. I'm thankful for our weekend plans.

I'm thankful for the men & women (& uncounted families at home) who fight, give, & sacrifice--
Happy Memorial Day weekend!

Any Thankful Thoughts Today?

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It's Me - Jen E! said...

I too am thankful for our cousin catch-up last weekend.
I am thankful for an extra long weekend and a family bbq coming up.
I used to be thankful for rain that watered my plants, but this is getting ridiculous now!