Thankful Thursday: June 30, 2011

Oh June!

How many fun moments you gave us!

The cool breezes were awesome, the sunshine was therapeutic, the family visits were fantastic, and my first baby boy turned 3!

I am confident July will offer all kinds of *wow* as we continue with our summer o' fun.

For now, though, I'm thinkin' thanks.

I'm thankful for strawberries in bulk.

I'm thankful for sweet potato fries (a new treat at Culver's: Yum)

I'm thankful for thoughtful friends (I'm so blessed)

I'm thankful for little teeth in baby smiles

I'm thankful for 3 year old ideas and creativity

I'm thankful for ways to keep in touch

I'm thankful for retail return policies (the good kind)

I'm thankful for awesome babysitters

I'm thankful for tender kisses from my Mr.

I'm thankful for bright colors

I'm thankful for homemade bread

I'm thankful for miracles

I'm thankful for examples of purposeful parenting

I'm thankful for forgiveness

I'm thankful for firefly sparkles

I'm thankful for my mother-in-law's visit (she's on her way on the Amtrak right now)

I'm thankful for June & all of it's magic & bloom

Any June-ful thanks today?

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It's Me - Jen E! said...

I am thankful for warmer days and breezy nights.
I am thankful for early, EARLY (6:00) morning walks with my Mom.
I am thankful for my sister, who 6 years ago this week gave me a beautiful niece - Happy Birthday Gina! and who will give us another beautiful one (niece or nephew - who knows?!) in about 6 months.
I am thankful for local grown strawberries - YUM!
I am thankful for the upcoming long weekend and the plans we have to celebrate with family and friends.
I am thankful (ALWAYS!) for my kids. Just because they are my kids and they are AWESOME!
I am thankful for my hubby who seems to be finally healing from his ankle injury and getting up and around a bit easier now.
I am thankful for the signs of blossoming in our veggie garden.