Thankful Thursday: June 9, 2011


What a night.

We're talking house shaking thunder, blinding lightening, and pounding rain.
All together, and constantly for about 6 hours...and it's STILL raining, thundering, and lightening...just not insanely like it was in the middle of the night.

I probably got 2 hours of sleep, if that.

I kept waking up and listening for my babies. Not once did they wake up.
Did I tell you the house was shaking? The wind was blowing? The rain was pounding on the windows like little rocks (or maybe there was hail too...)?

I said several little prayers of thanks for the boys' sweet slumber
What a nice little blessing.

I am thankful this morning, folks:

Thankful to be DRY in my house

Thankful that my boys are still happily sleeping

Thankful that my Mr. comes home tonight
(did you know that he has been working out of town every week for the past 5 weeks?
I need a vacation, I tell you WHAT.)

Thankful for the FREE FREEZER we got from our neighbor's roadside drop, just one day after we were searching online for deep freezes

Thankful for the blessings of direction from Above

Thankful for awesome friends

Thankful for moments of change

Thankful for supportive, wise, advice-giving parents

Thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ that offers hope & calm in a crazy world

And you? Despite the storms outside...thankful thoughts?


Linda said...

I think that will always make me smile...we are discussing small freezers and how you want one, and the next day there is one sitting in your garage from...what...about 4 doors down?! And if we hadn't waylaid Trevor from leaving he wouldn't have seen it hit the curb.

She just didn't want to ding her car again. That is a GREAT reason to get rid of a nice little freezer!

I wonder at what moment she made that decision?!

Miles said...

I'm glad everyone's safe from the storm and glad that Mr. H is home! Awesome deal on the freezer.. doesn't get much better than that.. FREE!