Thankful Thursday: July 7, 2011

One week into July,
and less than two weeks left in our Illinois hacienda...

Unless you haven't been following our family blog,
you know how crazy this month is!

I feel unraveled, unorganized, and unsure...

but I did type up a very thorough To Do list last night.
So I have that.

And I don't have to keep any baby secrets anymore
which is a nice little load off my shoulders
(the load has moved from my shoulders to my belly...growing!)

Even with the bare walls & dwindling pantry

I can fill my soul's walls with frames of Thanks

which is pretty important when I feel so jumbled

I am thankful for:

-our very supportive families


-sleeping in mornings

-little dancing feet

-goodbye kisses from Mr. H

-grilled salmon dinners prepared by Mr. H

-our beautiful, strong, free country

-Nana's visit to our house

-friends that care & make things happen

-the power of hope

-new shoes

-homemade guacamole

-our unborn baby girl

-precious time at the Chicago Temple

-fresh blueberries

-my independent 3 year old

-my dependent 10 month old

-the adventure ahead

A little bit of Thanks goes a long way...

1 comment:

It's Me - Jen E! said...

I am thankful to be celebrating another year this weekend. Though at this age, I don't particularly like when these sorts of things come around, it is better than the alternative.
Hope packing is going well and that you are feeling good.