Thankful Thursday: Aug 25, 2011

My house looks like a wind storm came and pulled everything off the toy shelves,
(but left all of the dishes nicely stacked in the sink)
It's driving me nuts.

This is what happens when my Mr. has been gone every week for a month.
I kind of lose all sense of housecleaning control. Why is that?

I'm about to put on some beat-movin' music to get my booty in gear
maybe the kids will dance along as I clean?

J will be helping me, of course.
He made *most* of the messes, you see.
Plus he likes a good reward for good behavior (who doesn't?)

I'll start off the movin' with some happiness-inducing Thankfulness.

I'm thankful for:

-All of the awesome parks in our new city...there are 54 to be exact. Just.In.This.City.

-Sunshine + better way to enjoy some high quality Vitamin D

-All of our hand-me-down furniture...just can't beat it, although my goal is to purchase our very own couch set by our 10th wedding anniversary :)

-Refrigerators...ever think about what would happen to all that yummy food without 'em?

-New friends (!!) , a must-have for this social Mama

-Old friends (!!)...particularly the set that we will be seeing this weekend (woo hoo!)

-The box of maternity (plus more) clothes that arrived on my doorstep yesterday (how did I get so lucky to have such thoughtful friends?)

-Our re-formatted garage (after the 2nd evening of non-stop work), organized by my handsome Mr. H

-Sunscreen (though I forgot to apply yesterday: OUCH)

-Moments of unexpected joy (like when both of your baby boys are in the bathtub just jiggly with laughter)

-Moments of calm (naptime, please!)

-Homemade cookies (my new visiting teacher brought a bag full of them for me...shhhh...I didn't tell J about them!)

-The safety & calm that I feel when I pray with my little ones

I am thankful...and now it's time to get this house in order.

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Jolie said...

I'm sure you've already heard the following quote, but it bears repeating.
"Cleaning your house while the children are growing, is like shoveling the walk while it is still snowing." ~~Phillis Diller
It's endless. <>