Thankful Thursday: August 11, 2011

Someone must be roofing in the neighborhood--our windows are wide awake (I am not) and the pounding is echoing--clap, clap clap!--

I stayed up nice & late last night--catching up with one of my dearest and longest-known friends. It was like a perfectly soothing mug of hot chocolate to chat, discuss, wonder, and share. That's what good friends should be, right? Like a fantastic mug of chocolate?

I feel abundantly blessed with caring, thoughtful, creative, smart, funny, awesome friends. The kind that ask you how you are doing and really want to know. The kind that call you up because they just 'felt like they should'. The kind that compliment your style and request nothing in return.

Starting over in a new place is never easy...making new friends is fun, but holding onto the old ones is what gets you through the clumsiest, dizziest, down-est of days.

I went to bed with a heart full of, let's talk about it!

I'm thankful for:

-my Dad's 11 day stay with us (he left yesterday & we miss him...shout out of thanks HERE)

-a newly painted room downstairs ("soothing chamomille" instead of crazy-bright-blue)

-a fantastic yard that offers ample running space for J and shady space for little N & this growing-belly Mama

-fluffy pillows

-freshly vacuumed carpet

-oatmeal with strawberry jam (I might have swirled some whipped cream in there too...)

-buttery, grilled sweet corn (our new city has an impressive weekly farmer's market)

-goodbye hugs & hello kisses (Mr. H's new travel schedules offer lots of opportunities for these!)

-3 year old's prayers

-that most everything is washable

-my new "Diaper Drop" disposal system (invented & engineered by my one & only Daddy-O)

-smooth Minnesota breezes (finally! the kind of summer temps I was expecting!)

-opportunities to change & improve

-folded laundry & a clean sink

-making new by one...

-Baby N's lively giggles & grunts

-Big Boy J's explanations & ideas

-Mr. H's voice on the phone

-the renewal and fresh dose of happiness I receive every time I type up a Thankful Thursday list

The roofers are still working, my windows are still open, and it's still Thursday...

What are you thankful for today?

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