Thankful Thursday: Friday Aug 19, 2011

'Tis afternoon already & the nap-time struggle has begun...

I'm ready for a nap
but he isn't

He thinks nap time isn't cool at all
but methinks it is the coolest

I have lots of things to do, or maybe a nap as well
but he has lots of things on his little mind, but not a nap


I guess this is 3.

He finally gave up (I think?)
I'm upstairs so I'm taking a minute to pause for Thanks

I definitely need it.
I can tell because I just ate two frosting-free cupcakes (plus some nutella) in one sitting...
Emotional Eater. YES I AM.

Moving on.
It's Thankful Time!

I'm thankful for:

-Garbage day, (today!) which means all of it leaves my house and there is an day-long stream of garbage trucks coming down the street for J to admire (there are 8 different companies that service this city, so we see all of them coming around)

-Best girl friends, of which I am blessed with several. I have enjoyed "phone dates" with 4 girlfriends over the last week or so that have TRULY boosted my spirits.

-Babies!! My sis-in-law is having a baby girl TODAY...I'm thankful for the PURE LIGHT that accompanies every new baby

-Weekends-these short days that I get to be with my honey bunches of awesomeness (AKA Mr. H) and he gets to spoil my boys with tickles & trains

-My Mom who gets far too many calls from me but answers anyway :)

-Fresh sweet corn from the local Farmer's Market (did I say that last week?)

-Sunkissed cheeks, which my boys & I are sporting after a fun afternoon at the splash pad...for J the sun brings out the cutest freckles EVER and for me I just look a little more...ALIVE (pale Mama, that's me)

-Surprise packages with homemade gifts for baby girl (you know who you are...)

-A big birthday this week (party pending) for our N...ONE FULL YEAR I'm so thankful for this little guy in our family!

-Clean floors. I don't have any right now but they were clean earlier...

-The surge of happiness that comes with gratitude, why do you think I keep doing this?

-Power of prayer--several friends are on my prayer list this week...

-Pluots (Plum + Apricot)--they are juicy & sweet--the perfect summer afternoon treat!

-My healthy body. I don't give thanks for this enough, but it's a big deal I think, and I'm grateful

-Our baby girl--even though I'm terrified of jumping from 2 kids to 3 (so soon!), I'm so grateful for the gift of new life (23 weeks now!)

Ok, everyone is quiet now. I think naptime is official.
I'm out.

Thankful You?

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Linda said...

I am thankful for all those calls! mom