Thankful Thursday: September 1, 2011

It's going to be a hot one today
record highs with a nice bucketload of humidity

So I'll be enjoying the first day of September

My house, your house, IKEA...wherever.

Just not out there.

The heat & humidity kills me, even more so when I'm pregnant.
Just. Icky.

I'm so ready for fall breezes...
I hear they are just around the corner

Let's start September off with some good old fashioned THANKS...
...shall we?

I'm thankful for:

-Mr. H working in-state this week (home every night!)

-Our weekend trip to Wausau (a favorite of our various homes over the last few years)

-The company car that allows us to travel with ease (and comfort!)

-Granola with milk (my latest craving)

-My ultrasound appointment tomorrow (yay!)

-New friends & jogging stroller walks

-Homemade bread with jam

-Family scripture reading time

-Afternoon naps

-Love letters (I got one for our anniversary, you know)

I've got more but I've got no more time right now...
What's on your thankful mind this morning?

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It's Me - Jen E! said...

I love September and am thankful for the things this month ushers in:
- cooler temps & crisp breezes
- trees changing colors
- the smell of freshly baked apple pies and other delicious baked goods (because, let's face it - I don't turn on the oven a whole lot between June and August!)
- Trips to the cider mill to get the apples for above mentioned pies.
- the abundance of produce that is coming in from our garden (we are picking tomatoes, beans and edamame on a daily basis and will be able to make/freeze some things to enjoy through the winter!)
- football!
- a birthday celebration for an almost 10 year old boy
- celebrating 16 years of wedded bliss (it may not always be bliss but it's all worth celebrating)
- back to school (ok, so maybe I have 2 kids that aren't thankful for this...but I think it will be a great year!)