Thankful Thursday: September 15, 2011

Crunchity crunch
clickity click
snappity snap

The leaves are falling
His shoes are crunching
The breezes are cooling
He jumps along

Slippity slip
Knockity knock
Smashity smash

The acorns are tumbling
His fingers are choosing
The squirrels are hoarding
He's dancing along

Alright folks...we've got some fantastically cool weather up in here.
63 degrees in my house right now.

I wonder how long until we turn on the heater?

Fall is upon us.
My all-time favorite season. I hope it stays for awhile...
the snow will come before you know it.

Fall seems (to me) to offer extra umph when it comes to thankfulness...

thankful for the summer fun of yesterday
thankful for the cooler air
thankful for cozy blankets and warms soups
thankful for the season of Thanksgiving

Giving thanks, let's do it:

I'm thankful for:

-Mr. H's shorter travel week (surprise!) and the Red Lobster rolls he brought home to me last night (yum!)

-the craiglist find that offers a new, smaller napping option for my darling N (away from big brother & all of his escapades)

-Flat Stanley's stay with us--we had so many fun family adventures!

-hand sanitizer (especially after taking Mr. J to a port-a-potty where he did not follow my cautionary "no touch" whispers)

-our 14 year old car that keeps chug-chugging along

-the sweetest gifts of pink (handmade goodies for our baby girl!)

-moments of clarity

-a clean house (!!)

-homemade sweets (with my best kitchen helper)

-skyping with grandparents (and cousins!)

-the mini-flood that would have felt like a natural disaster had it happened just 24 hours later when Mr. H would have been far far away...aka, I'm thankful for good timing & my Superman

-strength that comes from praying together

-fun time with my boys

-the feeling of accomplishment when I mark something off my To Do list

-the desire & opportunity to create

-tumbling-tickling pajama parties with my boys (love.)

-our lazy mornings, because, well...we can (and someday we won't be able to)

-uplifting music to start the day right

-these mornings of THANKS!

Do you have your sweaters out yet?
Are you feeling full of thanks?

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