Thankful Thursday: September 22, 2011

have I told you lately
how much I love fall?

The changing colors, the cooler breezes
the crunching leaves, the stacks of sweaters...
the comfort food, the cozy blankets,
the pumpkin patches & getting out the jackets...

Oh I just love it!

And it makes me feel an extra surge of Thanks.
Did I mention that last week?

I probably did. It still holds true.
On with it then?

I'm thankful for:

-two beautiful new friends who visited me this afternoon (with cookies in hand)--visiting teaching at it's best

-one beautiful baby growing in my belly (moving around so much these days, I love it!) & allowing me to jump full-fledged into my maternity wear (who doesn't love a change of wardrobe?)

-two beautiful boys who keep me on my toes and remind me to slow down & enjoy the moments (like spooning the dry ingredients into the wet ones--one TEAspoonful at a time--while making cookie dough)

-one HOT man that I can call MINE ALL MINE (and who gets home tonight!)

-two beautiful sets of grandparents that love my babies all the way up to the sky (and back), with whom we were able to skype with this last weekend (isn't technology AMAZING)

-one amazingly crazy-busy Saturday that provided lots of quality family time, service opportunities, and friend-making moments

-two packages of quick oats to keep up my boys' breakfast expectations (and all of the other groceries I bought this week to stock our pantry & fridge. I'm grateful for FOOD!)

-one great car that has taken me from A to B and back again--217k and counting--this 14 year old Mitsubishi is such a blessing to our family

-two very-fullfilling, absolutely-needed PHONE DATES last with a favorite friend and the other with a favorite cousin. Girl chat, oh yes, I gotta have some regularly.

-one updated blog (the family blog. I am so much happier when I've got it up to speed)

-two clean toilets (well, what can I say? I finally scrubbed 'em down this afternoon--I'm grateful for the energy to get it done & the motivation to do so! doesn't come around every day...)

-one Nikon camera --that I've been carrying around, shooting snaps of fall at every chance I get, and loving it!

-two hands to get it all done...and my whole body for that matter...growing another human isn't easy peasy but I have such low key pregnancies, it feels that way sometimes, and I'm so grateful!

-one cozy's nap time here at our hacienda...and I'm Thankful.

You? Any thanks for this fall afternoon?

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