Thankful Thursday: September 27, 2011

After a rainy morning
& an awesome-busy inside hang out with friends
 (6 kids total--not bad, but more than we've had in this house at one time, so far)

The house is quiet
The rain has stopped
The birds are chirping
& I've got a pocket full of 


I'm thankful for:

-Mr. H's safe flying adventures (he wishes he were flying, he's just the passenger)

-the soft pitter patter of fall rainstorms (LOVE!)

-pillows (all 6 of them on my bed right now that helped me finally find a comfortable sleeping position last night)

-a day of down time with my cuddle bug (N had a very strange day yesterday--slept in 'till noon, cuddled like crazy, and napped on my side...I loved EVERY.SECOND)

-an understanding big boy (mornings are "QUIET TIME" where we whisper and play quietly until Mom is ready to get up and while baby brother sleeps in...also especially while I'm dealing with some dizzy pregnancy discomforts)

-text messages (who knew a few words, thumb-typbed & sent electronically could change your day around?)

-goodnight kisses (I miss them when the Mr. is gone, but I love 'em when he's home!)

-in utero baby gymnastics (she's a mover & a shaker...and I like it that way!)

-surprise handmade gifts (there's a beautiful pink-themed quilt blessing my room with feminine florals RIGHT NOW. gorgeous!)

-specially planned dinners (thank you, Oakdale Stake RS!)

-inspired leaders, reminders of truth, & spirit-filled encouragement (I'm talking to you, General Relief Society Meeting)

-friends who care (near, far, old, young...I guess my oft mentioning of friends shows how much I depend on mine for the good things in my life!)

-new understanding (reading The Five Love Languages right now...wow!)

-my hard working Mr. & his job, even though the schedule & travel is nuts. IT'S A JOB.

-my sweet cuddle bug who charms me every  morning with his cuddly nuzzles and little pats on my back

-my growing-up J whose delight in bedtime story makes our new nighttime routine the sweetest of all

-all of the many blessings that I enjoy on a daily basis and don't even think about. Seriously.

My pockets are full this afternoon.



It's Me - Jen E! said...

Thankful Thursday on a Tuesday?

Well if that's the case - then let me shout out loud that today, Tuesday, September 27th, I am extremely thankful that I became a Mom to the most wonderful boy 10 years ago today....happy birthday to my loveable, huggable J.

Kendra said...

So...not to say you shouldn't be thankful everyday of the week, but today is Tuesday. Which makes it thankful Tuesday? ;) Love you!

Linda said...

it IS hard to keep up with what day it is sometimes! Thankyou for reminding me regularly to be more thankful!