Thankful Thursday: September 8, 2011

Hello Sunshine!

Hope you have some too, there's nothing like bright rays of light
to get you going on a Thursday morning.

And...welcome to the new school year!

I have enjoyed feeling the energy from friends & family's updated photos...
sending their children back to school or off to college. I have smiled at the shy but excited grins of the elementary sets, noticed the new shoes,
and appreciated the sweet praises of their mothers.
Something changes in the air when the buses make their rounds and children
are loading up bundles of new supplies.
The energy is contagious...

...unfortunately, so are colds.

Which is what we've had all week.

So, while the school-age children have been getting photos taken and the Moms have been documenting the first days back, I've been cuddling with my babies in bed every morning. Plus a box of tissues.
Pajama days for us, new clothes days for the rest of yous.

We're all on the upswing, though--and we're grateful for the downtime and the fall breezes.

Grateful. Seasonal changes. New Beginnings.

Let's begin again...I'm thankful for:

-adorably sparkling cafes with tiny tasty treats and GIRL TIME (yay! new friends!)

-my Mr. being home every night for a full week (love!)

-creative ideas from my 3 year old (and the patience to deal with the messes afterwards)

-sweet cuddles from my 1 year old (though the snotty nose is no fun)

-soft blankets

-changing breezes (windows open, yes please!)

-Bath & Body Works plug-in scents...we loaded up on PUMPKIN SPICE...

-people willing to serve, give, and learn together

-very (very!) friendly neighbors in our neighborhood

-little breaks in between (did I mention the Mr. is home?)

-IKEA Swedish meatballs

-long, hot showers

-our brand new, very first ever FAMILY ZOO PASS (zoo is less than 15 miles from our casa)

-new family pics (did you see them on FB? I need to post 'em on the blog...)

-nature walks on Sunday afternoons (and the opportunity to say "Minnehaha" as many times as we like)

-baby babble & big boy chatter

-our side yard

-jackets & the weather to wear them! (

I'm Thankful & Craving Chocolate today...


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It's Me - Jen E! said...

Sunshine???? Tell me what it's like, please. All we've had for the past week is gray skies and rain. And it's cold! My calendar says it's still summer....but Michigan's Mother Nature disagrees.

But even with my gray skies outside and a few inside, I am still thankful for...

- our rain is not causing torrential flooding like those on the east coast
- our rain is not giving us the drought causing fires of the south
- my kids are excited 3 days into the new school year
- we are reaping what we sow - literally....tomatoes and beans yummy!
- An almost full freezer compliments of our garden and the local farmers. We will have beans, edamame, corn and all sorts of tomato products well into the winter months.
- I have started Christmas shopping!
- football starts tonight. Even in the rough years, I am a Lions fan!
- catered in office and tasty!
- Bedtime stories
- Hugs and kisses