Thankful Thursday: October 13, 2011

I looked out my window & what did I see?

All the leaves...have fallen off the trees!

We are entering my *least* favorite part of the fall we delicately morph into the pre-winter stage of autumn. I suppose I should be thankful that the leaves have clung tightly as long as they have (and some still are holding on with all their mights)...we've definitely had a very slow transition (temperature-wise) thus far. I'm grateful. I see no need to rush any negative Fahrenheit days, do you?

With that grateful heart, I will jump into a pile of thankfulness (imagine a pile of crinkly, dried, colorful leaves)
on this fine Thursday morning:

I'm thankful for...

-cold milk & honey cheerios (my morning & late night snack of choice)

-angel friends who offer to help during long weeks (you know who you are)

-a lunch ALL BY  MYSELF. Panera Bread during a rain storm. Perfection!

-the stack of PINK that is building up in my closet

-the healthy, low maintenance pregnancies I have had the privilege to experience thus far (31 wks now!)

-our neighbor's Halloween decorations (the ghost has a big, friendly smile--my kind of ghost!) that make me smile every time I see them

-room in our garage for me to park the car, especially when it's raining cats & dogs (and I've got two little people to unload!)

-lazy mornings (They are THE BEST!)

-inspired ideas

-my super amazing Mr. H (did you know he did all the grocery shopping for me last Saturday? WITH both boys? BY himself?) who pampers me when he is home 

-the HOPE of a challenging but successful vbac in just two more months (my OB is the most supportive dr. EVER!)

-spontaneous moments of laughter with my 3 year old

-cuddle-wrestling games with my 1 year old

-feeling my unborn baby wiggle, move, dance, and kick around in my belly

-the very real power of prayer

And you? Any crunchy piles of Thanks today?

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