Thankful Thursday: October 20, 2011

Good morning, Thursday-goers!

I started this morning with a stream of sunshine, a bite of pumpkin crisp cake, and a bowl of cheerios.

The big boy is in time out right now (perhaps a foreshadowing of a *fun* day ahead), the Daddy is working in the office next door, and the littlest boy is still snoozing (just how I likes it). I love my mostly lazy mornings and I groan to think of giving them up to school schedules and other such early morning necessities.

I've got plenty to be thankful for on this bright Thursday morning...
I'm thankful for:

-a wonderful week of my Mr. working in the 'home office' (which means my bathrooms have been deep cleaned, diapers have been changed without my efforts, cries have been soothed with Daddy's cuddles, & I've enjoyed face-to-face conversations with my bff)

-'ME' time (the Mr. took the boys out shopping so I could enjoy an evening to myself. That cleaned bathtub? It was all mine...)

-generous hand-me-downs to prepare for baby girl
-an energetic & fun photo shoot (my first since we moved here) with a beautiful couple
-new recipes to try
-cozy socks & warm lentil soup
-contact with dear friends
-the opportunity to make plans for a night away...just us...first time in the last 3 years
-Mr. H's job--despite the crazy travel schedule, he is happier than he was in his last position and we get quality time with him when he is home
-teaching moments with my big boy
-learning moments with my little boy
-the opportunity to enjoy the daily challenges and triumphs as they come
-healthy bodies (mine, the Mr.'s, the babies')
-crafty fun time
-friends to trust
-the seasons of change...fall & winter...and the cozy, cuddly moments they offer

That's all for now, I hear some little squeaks I must attend to.
What about you? 
Thankful list on the 20th of October (really?)... 

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Ruth said...

I love your attitude. Here is fun link to ideas for toddler activities that I thought you'd love.