Thankful Thursday: October 27, 2011

There are two little monkeys in my house this morning...
Do you ever wake up to monkey sounds?

I love my two little monkeys, and their sounds 
(most of the time)...I'm grateful in my mini-zoo,
for the cozy corners and stacks of blessings piled high
--they must be recognized--
I'm setting up a Thankful exhibit just for Thursday!

I'm Thankful for:

-Mr. H's safe arrival home last night after some craziness with his flight through Denver (several inches of snow? already??) & a shorter travel week for him (yay!)

-The triumphant feeling of finishing a crafty projects

-Craigslist finds

-Generous friends &  hand-me-downs

-Mr. H's home week last week which included blocks of time on  two separate days when he took the boys so I could enjoy much-needed 'me time'

-My well-behaved errand-running buddies (at their current stages, they are both great in the car & in the store)

-Our extended FALL here in Minnesota, it's gorgeous!

-Busy, fun filled days (and likewise--low key, lazy ones--I need BOTH to be happy)

-Stake Conference messages (and a fun group dinner date on Sat night)

-A great dr. appointment on Friday (and my amazing dr)

-Living so close to the St. Paul, MN temple...being able to stop by to walk around with my 3 year old JUST BECAUSE= priceless

-Being healthy & pregnant. The more people I know, the more aware I become of amazingly difficult pregnancies, life-threatening births, and the heartbreaking challenges of infertility & loss. My heart is heavy for those larger-than life challenges, and I'm grateful for the blessing of my babies.

I AM thankful.
And now the monkeys are ready for their mid-morning snacks...
...until next week,

Any zoo-tastic thanks from your house today?

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