Thankful Thursday: October 6, 2011

The leaves are dancing in spiraling twirls,
my boys are napping (after 3 hours at the park with friends),
the neighbor princess is throwing leaves as she trampoline jumps in her hot pink tutu
(I want to do that!)
and the breezes are blowing from west to east (from window to window in my house)
and I am harvesting THANKS today.

Typically, by Thursday I am very frazzled...
which makes Thankful Thursday even more of a special part of my day--
'cuz I NEED to RECOGNIZE all of the blessings in my week.

This week, the Mr. has been home EVERY NIGHT, and wow--what a difference it makes in my frazzle factor. I'm feeling great, the weather is fantastic (80's up in here!) 
and I'm bursting with Thankful thoughts.

I'm Thankful For:

-the tangy key lime pie I'm munching on as I type (courtesy of the Mr. & Red Lobster--with whom he ws consulting yesterday)

-an absolutely fantastic week of warmer temps, whooshing wind, & sunshine

-two separate family adventures at local art parks...Caponi Art Park on Saturday (see family blog post HERE) & the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden (post pending)--in which I am thankful for quality family time and the creative minds of those who make such exhibits possible

-General Conference Weekend (wherein we spend time together as a family, watch 2 days (4 sessions) of talks, music, and inspiration from our Church leaders--like a big Mormon revival) that included homemade treats (thank you, Pioneer Woman apple dumpling recipe), snuggle mornings, and down time (About General Conference: HERE)

-THIS TALK from General Conference about how father's can raise happy, confident, successful daughters. I felt this was especially timely since we are about to embark on the adventure of DAUGHTER-ing

-To Do lists. I mean, really. I wouldn't get much done with out them (that's just how I roll)

-A team of awesome women who helped me with a 72 Hour Emergency Preparedness night earlier this week--idea sharing, experience-telling, and family kits assembled--awesome

-my Mr. H who helps me, even when my own procrastination threatens to rob me of the good things  on my schedule

-outside fun all week--I just can't say enough about the awesome weather, I know it will end soon!

-a clean & dusted surface (in particular--my dresser--that becomes the uncontrolled receptacle of all things I don't want at little hands' reach & do not have time to put away immediately)

-great deals on Halloween costumes (Goodwill, thank you very much!)

-the smile on my J's face when I tell him a "Once Upon A  Time" story...

-the smile on my N's face when he gets to feed himself (especially the messy stuff!)

-the assurance we have from a living God that He loves us, He is watching over us, and as crazy as any thing may feel at the moment, He is still in control

That's my harvested list for this Thurs afternoon...


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It's Me - Jen E! said...

I am thankful that my grandparents are celebrating their 69th wedding anniversary tomorrow and we get to share in the celebration!!!