Belly Busters

So my belly is growing...we're at about 48 inches at the largest girth right now (measured this afternoon)

Side Note A: Saying girth reminds me of my Dad explaining "wide girth" as part of his Drivers 101 that we all had to go through before getting our driver's license.

Side Note B: Girth also reminds me of this sketch by our favorite comedian, Brian Regan...which just makes me laugh. Love that guy.

Ok--back to my waist.

Mr. H gave up his Sunday afternoon nap to snap some maternity photos of me (bless him!)...just in case, you know, we don't get the chance to take some next weekend (Mr. H is headed out of town tomorrow).

Hopefully we'll have plenty of sunshine & plenty of opportunities for more before my belly POPS. As in...popping a baby out. 

Don't worry, I know she won't pop out of my belly.

Although I'm pretty sure that's what J thinks.

Ok--back to maternity photos.

I love being pregnant. I feel beautiful in a way that I have never felt in any other time of my life. I love the curves, the movement of the growing little one, and the changes my body makes as it co-creates with God to bring a new person into the world. Isn't it just amazing?

I love taking photos along the way to document my belly bubble growth. We took them regularly with J and N but with this baby we have a nicer camera so we have indulged in more "photo shoot" type photography....which has been so much fun!

I love maternity shoots. I have done a few for friends over the last year or so--the energy and creativity during those shoots are just fabulous. There have been people turn down my offer to do maternity shoots...they just don't feel pretty or want to document their girth units. Of course, to each his (HER!) own...

What say you?

Beautiful Belly
Shy About Shape


Miles said...

I love the beauty in the miracle of creating life but at this point.. it is just NOT glamourous at ALL for me. Definitely shy about shape!

Kendra said...

Beautiful belly for sure! And did Trevor take all those maternity shots you posted on FB? He's a better photographer than me! Please, please teach me how to be better!

Sharalea said...

Kendra--YES Trevor took them all. I coached him through--the angles, the lighting, the settings, etc. It was good for him to become more familiar with the camera and fun for me to be in front of the lens instead of behind it!! He does naturally have a very good eye.

Linda said...

I am starting to like the whole "belly shot" thing but you know, my generation were not there AT ALL. I do have to say, though, that I share your feeling of being beautiful when pregnant, partner in such an amazing thing! And it isn't just beauty, its ...awe. AWESOME!