Hands Full

Yesterday I had to go grocery shopping.
I was out of town this weekend and didn't get a thing done 
to prepare for this week...out of yogurt, milk, bananas, 
apples, & more.

I actually don't mind grocery shopping, and I don't mind taking my two little guys (who are quite well-behaved at the stages they are currently). It's what I do...I take my little ones with me practically everywhere, right? It's the job of a SAHM plus during the weekdays I'm pretty much a single-SAHM so it means I really have no other option.

(My handsome, hardworking Mr. is consulting in Kansas. Last week was St. Louis. The week before that was a presentation in Chicago, and the week before that was consulting in Montana)

This summer, I started adding N to the cart adventure(as opposed to keeping him in the carrier/carseat or in my ergo carrier)--the ones with double seats or other creative two-seater contraptions (thank you: Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Cub Foods, & Sam's Club). His eyes light up with joy whenever he realizes he gets to sit in a "big boy spot" right by his big brother. He adores J. He wants to do EVERYTHING he is doing...it is so fun and interesting to watch them in action.

Yesterday I had the boys in matching clothes. They were both in jeans, little boy converse shoes, and the exact same top--grey with orange & white stripes. I have very FEW perfectly matching outfits for them, but I think it's fun to do sometimes. They looked adorable, in my opinion...my two little guys. 

I used to get a lot of comments like "awww they're so cute" 
on days like yesterday.

Now people see them, and bypass the cute comments and go straight to the "wow. you're going to have your hands full" comments (after noticing my hard-to-miss, glowingly large 36 week baby belly)

I smile.
I say some silly response and laugh...


Because you know what? 
As annoying as those comments do feel
They are right.



Miles said...

yes, hands full.. OF GREAT THINGS!

JosephJ said...

You're going to do great. The boys will play with each other so nicely so you'll get the snippets of rest that you need.

Wish I could've seen your boys dressed to match in that shopping cart!