Thankful Thursday: November 17, 2011

The Minnesota sunshine is deceiving, folks.

SURE it looks sunny & bright...
SURE it appears as if you could go on an afternoon walk and bask in the warmth of the sun...
SURE you are wearing jackets with hoods...

Can you hear Mother Nature's muffled laugh?

Muffled because she has a ski mask on!

For your information: SUNSHINE IN MINNESOTA does NOT equal 
nice, warming rays.

Just sayin'.

I'm still thankful. Thankful for that sunshine, it is nice to have it beaming into our little cottage, as the temperatures drop into winterfull bliss.

I'm also thankful for:

-packages in the mail

-evening chats with the traveling Mr.

-quiet mornings with the big boy (his whispering skills are fantastic!)

-cuddles with the little guy (even though his nap was not complete)

-easy travelers & a quick trip to Wisconsin

-midnight chats with girlfriends

-cruise control

-skype (!!)

-self-evaluating conversations

-brilliant people who throw their creative ideas online for the rest of us to copy/learn 

-chubby baby legs & chubby preschooler cheeks

-hot, relaxing showers

-homemade cookies

-next week with the Mr. home EVERY.SINGLE.DAY

-entertaining & insightful NaBloPoMo posts

-baby girl's happy movements (I assume she's happy?)

-not one, but two doulas (a trainer & trainee) that I will be working with to the goal of VBA2C

-my heating pad (has given me two awesome nights' sleep in a row)

Has winter weather arrived at your house?
Any thankful thoughts from you today?

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