Thankful Thursday: November 3, 2011

Confession: I ate three snack size snickers already today.

November has arrived, my true stately fashion with slightly cooler temperatures and brilliantly blue skies (at least in our neck of the woods, that is). Three days into the new month (and NaBloPoMo), and I already feel the rush of the calendar--I have LOTS on my schedule, and even MORE on my To Do list.

After this month has twirled it's way past me, I will be staring squarely at December. A fabulously festive month, and this year brings an extra bundle to our family. I feel excited, nervous, curious, unsure, overwhelmed, optimistic, needy, hopeful and underneath it all...grateful.

In between now & then, though...I'm trying to convince the days to stay longer and the moments to be golden. Today we are graced with a cornucopia of sunshine and light Minnesota breezes; I am one Thankful me.

I am Thankful for:

-new pens, stationary, and organizing boxes (and pretty much office supplies in general...*love*)

-late night in-person chat with one of my favorite friends (totally worth the loss of sleep!)

-last Friday afternoon, last Friday night, & last Saturday--Mr. H & I left our boys with friends (bless them!) for our first *just us* night away in over 3 years

-having the opportunity to live in & explore new places 

-our current home. I need to stop comparing it to our last place already! It's cozy, our stuff fits (mostly), and it's where we are now.

-comments on my blogs...they just make me feel good about myself :)

-my awesome Mr. who consistently & selflessly gets both of the boys ready on Sunday mornings so I can pamper myself more than usual with hair & makeup (and sleep in a bit longer than he does!)

-new mail keys ($20 later...but now we have 3 instead of 1)

-a walk down memory lane (got out my journals earlier this week)

-a fun night with ladies from Church in my home

-peanut butter cup hot chocolate

-Halloween memories made with my little fireman & train engine

-the slow & steady onset of our first MN winter 

-reminders, tips, advice, and encouragement from my parents

How about you? 
Thankful thoughts to start off your November?


Linda said...

I am sort of in shock that it IS November. That just doesn't make sense to me. I think being gone on a trip also puts me in a sort of time warp, and being gone over , travelling on Halloween...just sort of makes it feel weird.

Still. I am thankful its thankful month. I love your weekly thankfulness because that is just so much better.

JosephJ said...

Luckily for me, my desk is empty of butterfingers and twix after Blake remanded his stash to me. I still have M&Ms though!

You have always been a fan of office supplies, haven't you? Didn't you have a pink stapler and always a stack of note papers on your desk? I thought it was out of admiration for your teachers.

I'm grateful that nothing got smooshed in our fall snowstorm here.