Why He's Awesome x 12

I could list many more, but...
these are a few on my mind right now...

12 Reasons Why He's Awesome

1.  He changes diapers, checks on midnight cries, and cleans up messes when he is home.
2.  He encourages me to follow my creative pursuits, enjoy me-time, and follow my dreams.
3.  When we have some down time together, he lets me pick which show to watch/entertainment to enjoy.
4.  He just brought me a glass of milk after he heard me say "bah! heartburn!"
5.  He spent time with the boys (I enjoyed a crafty morning away), did all of the grocery shopping, shoveled the driveway (2x), and painted our downstairs family room---all YESTERDAY. He's one of the hardest working people I've ever known.
6. He gets the little guys fed, cleaned up, and ready for church every Sunday AM so I can take my time, enjoy a hot shower without worries, and get ready for the day.
7. He encourages me to carve out time for myself & my girlfriends
8. He washes dishes (and puts them away), cooks, cleans (and vacuums), and helps with laundry. (I've been so spoiled!! Now you see why it's so hard for me when he's gone during the week??)
9. He tells me I am beautiful (even when I'm not)
10. He is patient with my moods (especially lately)...he loves me despite mySELF...
11. Our children absolutely adore him--he is a rockstar Daddy
12. He knows how to make me laugh, even on the craziest of days/weeks.

...and he's mine.

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JosephJ said...

Great list! I like your man. Glad he's taking care of my sis'.