Thankful Thursday: January 12, 2012

I just kissed two sets of eyelashes ...

red curly ones downstairs 
& dark straight ones upstairs

It's naptime & the boys are down!

*insert gleeful sigh*

Now the princess is waking up (of course)...
so I'll type this quickly.

I'm full of Thanks, folks--here's the rundown:

I'm Thankful For:

friends who brought dinners this week
(lasagnas, spaghettis, chickens, brownies, choco chips, carrots, corn, rolls...the deliciousness runneth over!
the internets that are full of good advice & tips for Moms of newborns (even when you have had other newborns, there are new issues/questions!)
snuggly fabric --heavens knows that's what I've been draping my baby in and pajamas is all I've worn for about a month
sunshine on my shoulder--and all over our backyard, making way for an afternoon outside this week
two nights in a row without too much crying (from either of us!)
a full supply of Mama's Milk (can't take this for granted, now can we?)
surviving (with the help of angels both seen & unseen) the first week of me alone with 3 children!
sweet J's patience with his tired Mama (oh yes, he's got "quiet morning time" down to a science!)
darling N's willingness to hang out & not be held as much as he takes 2nd seat to the new baby N
awesome Mr. H's encouraging words over the phone (and that he is coming home tonight!!! YAY!)
amazing Little Miss N's intoxicating baby-ness --of which I just can't get enough!

lastly but not leastly

I'm Thankful for PRAYER

This passageway to peace has offered many a calm moments for me this week. I'm grateful to tears.

You? Thanks Today?

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