Thankful Thursday: January 26, 2012

Ahhh, Thursday!

Full circle, yet again

Since last week, we have been doing a lot of the same...
inside games, journal writing, kitchen cleaning, story telling, ball throwing, letter drawing, peek-a-boo playing, song singing, and baby cuddling. This was my 2nd week (thankfully, not in a row) "solo Mama" (the Mr. is in Denver) since I became a Mamacita of 3. It has been much harder than the first one, 
which was very unexpected.

We have added a new commitment to our weeks (preschool Tuesdays & Thursdays), but the bigger stress has been Miss N's difficult disposition. I believe (cross fingers!), though, that I have identified the culprit (I'm pointing at you--over supply of milk & hindmilk/foremilk imbalance) 
and things are looking up! Last night was the first night in about three weeks that she has gone to bed without ANY screams/cries of gas pains or hours of rocking!

Let me tell you, what a difference that makes.

You know what else makes a difference?

All of the angels who have offered time & love to me, especially this week.

I'm thankful for every single one.

I'm Thankful For:

-My Mom who lets me chat her ear off at regular intervals

-My Mr. who sends encouraging texts "You are wonderful!" that make me smile (even through tears!)

-My 3 year old who takes quiet time very seriously in the morning when Mama needs it most

-My 17 month old who gives sweet kisses, hugs, and generally  makes the day brighter by his energy & laugh

-My Aunt D who sent me encouraging texts on Monday morning when I needed it most (how did she know?)

-My siblings & in-laws who offer prayers on my behalf

-My cousin J who offered specific and helpful advice for nursing changes and encouragement for the hard nights (and shared in my birth story glee)

-My friends who text, call, email, and send facebook messages to lift me up, offer tips & advice,  and help me feel *connected* (even though I haven't left the house all week)

-My girl D who has been sending me inspirational quotes every day and spent time typing up & sending me the "colic" section from her Babywise book

-My girl K who called me and let me talk BABY & KIDS to my hearts content (and who I am praying gets good news next week!)

-My doula L who called with great advice and doula T who sent a great email with tons of informative details for helping baby girl feel better and figure it all out

-The la leche league gal who called me back this morning

-My friends M & C who have been taxi drivers for J to & from preschool both days this week

-My sweet baby girl whose gaze makes me want to be a better woman...for her.

-A loving Father in Heaven whose comfort & love knows no limits or restrictions

...I'm sure I'm leaving someone out.

Point is, my heart is full. 
I am blessed.
I am Thankful.
 Even with the hard days, 
 I am reminded that I am loved...
and I can do hard things!

Thank YOU.

How's your week been?

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Linda said...

alot better now that I read this!