Thankful Thursday: January 5, 2012

5 days in, and January~
as usual you fly into our lives 
like a fresh batch of fried pickles...

... crunchy on the outside, juicy on the inside...
unexpectedly delicious.

Confession: I have a love-hate relationship with January.

I LOVE the refreshing feeling of starting over, making new goals, writing down the lists, cleaning out the old, and updating calendars.

I HATE how the holiday energy comes to an abrupt stop and in one afternoon all that twinkles is gone and the post-holiday blues set in.

And in my case, this year...the holiday blues + baby blues
which equal what?
Deep blues?
Navy blues?
Extra blue hues?

You tell me. I sure don't know. I haven't felt too much of it (YET), but every time I think about Mr. H leaving, my eyes get all wet and I feel a bit of panic. I tell him about my feelings and he says reassuringly "Babe, you're doing it RIGHT now..."

Which is half encouraging sweetness and half tongue-in-cheek since it was his favorite "affirmation" to teasingly/ridiculously recite as we practiced positive statements before the birth.

But really. It's a good one.

And so. January.
You're doing it right now--

causing intense joy with the fresh-list-making
a bit of panic with the onset of reality.

I guess we all have to find the balance
at the beginning of each new year 

A bit of Thanks ought to do the trick, eh?

I'm Thankful For:

-an amazing night of sleep (after a really bad one, so I'm feeling extra grateful) with the little lady who was awake only for feedings!

-the sunshine & unusually warm weather (I guess I will give up my snow-covered dreams for now & embrace the odd winter temps)

-my handsome Mr. (who has deep cleaned our home, our new van, and kept our babies fed & diapered during my postpartum relaxation)

-my loving parents who gave so much of their energy & talents to providing a helpful and relaxing environment for baby & Mama to enjoy during the holidays 

-our cozy house

-the apple peeler from The Christmas Tree Shop--makes apple peeling a breeze (fun, even!) 

-fresh-out-of-the-dryer laundry 

-long baths (and short ones too)

-new toys, books, & clothes to entertain & enjoy

-the feeling of love that a newborn brings to a family

-all things pink (!!)

-my sleeping-in little boy N who makes mornings less crazy by hanging out in his bed longer than he needs to

-my sweet little guy J who wakes up with a nice smile and gives the best good-morning-hugs

-the awesome new dimmer lamp by my bed that makes night-time nursing SO much less easier (and I should probably also mention that Mr. H wakes up to change the little princess' diaper before every feeding, I'm so spoiled!)

-a new planner, a new calendar, a new journal, a new set of list, a new set of goals to become more of who I want to be

-this new year. Fresh. Crunchy. Fried. It's going to be one seriously wild ride--I'm excited!

Any Thankful Thoughts for you on this 
the 5th of January?


heidizinha said...

I really struggle in January too. And I feel like I just got over my baby blues too. Hang in there--I know it's tough right now. I'll be thinking and praying for you. Xoxo

Linda said...

you will do well, Shara! I have confidence in you. ( That does not mean you won't have craziness in your life in moments...) Still...there is that January slumpiness. Read your scriptures, get your vitamin d and c... shower/nap when they nap ( even if you have to neglect the blog!) and listen to some fun music!