Thankful Thursday: February 15, 2012

Today is February 15th
is the month half full
half empty?

Or just half.

I do believe having three wee ones
makes the earth turn a wee bit faster
at least it feels that way
a wee bit.

Because I can't believe in two weeks 
we'll be stepping our feet onto the shores of March.

Can you?

Even though February is often viewed as an annoyingly middle month--between the downward slopes from holidays and the upward swing of the spring season--I just love it.

I love the romantic red roses
and flirty pink heart shapes
all in the name of St. Valentine
(and commercialism, but hey! It's just fun!)

I also love all of the birthday sprinkles
 decorating all kinds of cakes this month
2 sis-in-laws, 2 cousins, a nephew, a brother, my father-in-law,

It's my birthday month.
What's not to love?

So I love February, it's 1/2 way over, 
and I'm thankful for:

-My dapper Mr. who gave me roses, made dinner every night this week, and who rocks babies very late at night so I can snooze

-Almonds--they're just good. And good for you. And they make good "milk" --easier to just call it "almond juice"--that way I am not expecting a cow's milk taste.

-Great friends...I've got one heading this way in April & I'm sooooo excited!!

-Gloves--so this winter has been lacking in snow but not in freezing temps, my hands are happy with gloves!

-Our 2nd Annual Family Fun on Valentine's Day (last year was the Field Museum in Chicago...this year was the Minnesota Children's Museum in St. Paul)--I love family traditions!

-Public breastfeeding rooms...and also, my healthy eating babe

-Good deals & discounts (who doesn't love these?)

-Memories of my youth with the song "I Will Always Love You" played in the background

-Patient and attentive preschool Mamas (J is still figuring some things out)

-My doulas for taking photos at Miss N's birth--it really feels like such a triumph for me (VBA2C), and the photos mean so much (our cameras were in the car!) to us. I will be forever grateful.

-Everyone at Church for being so sweet & welcoming to Miss N & I on our first Sunday back (made us feel so special)

-Naptime--it's just heavenly

-Safe and happy return of Mr. H's younger brother from his 2 year mission for the LDS Church. He worked long, hard days to share the good news of Christ's love and gospel.

-My J whose morning conversations are so tender
-My N whose raised eyebrow conversations are so cute
-My Miss N whose coos and sighs make every conversation sweeter

-I'm Thankful for the knowledge of the eternal nature of our souls. I know God loves us and He wants us to live with Him again. I know it is through His son Jesus Christ that we can be forgiven and cleansed to be able to meet that goal. I know death is not the end but a transition. I know families can be together forever. I'm Thankful.

How about you? 
Feeling the love this week?

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Linda said...

in spite of everything, yes I am . Very blessed to have the gospel in its fulness and richness and wonderfulness! Love all the loves!