Thankful Thursday: February 9, 2012

I love the mumble of the washing machine,
don't you?

Swishing, swashing, splashing
from baby messes to banana mush
each item being massaged into cleanliness
 with every jilt and jiggle of the machine


I'm thankful for washing machines
and dryers

Although I did live without a dryer for 16 months in Portugal
and I was just fine. It's the washer that I feel I *need* most of all.

In addition...I'm thankful for:

-the Mr.'s recent promotion (woo hoo! Way to go, honey!!)

-Miss N's happier tummy (no choco or milk for me, and that's ok!)

-J's excitement for preschool (and all things alphabet)

-N's healthier week (last week was *blech*)

-My friends who check in on me, bring meals, and chat

-homemade cookies (and the down time to make them)

-pinterest (seriously, the site makes me feel so creative and I don't even have to DO anything!! bahaha!)

-chats with dear friends (online, on the phone, both & all)

-moments when I feel like I am doing exactly what I am supposed to be doing

-family scripture time (it's never very quiet or reverent, but always worth it)

-the power of a thank  you card (I'm mostly on the sending-out end of them these days)

-beautiful sunsets (we have an awesome view from our deck--the pink and purple hues are brilliant)

-text messaging

-lazy mornings & soft cardigans

-blue-grey eyes that seem to say "i love you" when we cuddle
-green-speckled eyes that seem to smile under long lashes when we sing 
-sky-blue eyes that seem to sparkle with every day adventures
-handsome-blue eyes that will be home soon...

I'm so thankful.

And you? 
Thankful for your washing machine,
 at the very least?

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