Thankful Thursday: April 19th & 26, 2012

The tune in my head today: 
The wheels on the bus go 'round and 'round...
all through the town!

Lately, I feel like

the days of the week go 'round and 'round...
all through the month!

How is it possible that this the last week in April?

I mean, really.

I can't get over how fast time is flying.

In less than 2 months, I will have a 4 year old.
In about 4 months, I will have a 2 year old.
And my 4 month old will be 5 months in just 2 weeks!

I am grateful for the busy days;
the tickly giggles, the playgroupin', the preschoolin',
the stroller walkin', the swingset swingin'
& the early morning snuggles.

Some days I DO want time to pass quickly,
other days I wonder if I'm missing too much of it already.

Time is a strange thing...
and here we are
 nose-to-nose with the lovely month of May.

I better start documenting some Thankful April-isms...

I am Thankful for:

April 19th Thanks:

-Mr. H's early flight home
-family fun @ IKEA
-new desk chair for Mama!
-new stroller for both baby Ns
-skype with family
-kisses in the kitchen
-cuddles with Miss N
-songs with N
-building projects with J
-clean, folded, put away LAUNDRY!
-family day @ the zoo
-playdates with friends
-sunshine & breezes
-freshly cut grass
-insight from scriptures

April 26th Thanks:
-sleep-in mornings
-Mr. H's week of home-office workin'
-afternoon family "hikes" up the "rocky  mountains" (J called walking up hilly, small rock-covered walking trails)
-Trader Joe's strawberry flavored coconut milk ice cream
-a comedic judge & a clean record (traffic court for a speeding ticket)
-the camera on my phone to snap random pics of my  ducklings
-phone calls from dear friends
-meet ups with new friends
-girls lunches & dinners  OUT
-opportunities to serve
-Mr. H's understanding smile
-homemade bread from my vt-er
-a Stake Conf. date night
-reminders of who we are (and who we're not)
-Miss N's sweet giggles
-J's energetic explanations 
-N's  walking waddle
-thoughtful offers of service & love

Ok, week will be May.
 April Gratitude?


Miles said...

I'm thankful for my 8-year old.. Talk about time FLYING!! said...

Did you get out of a speeding ticket? How? I just got one in the mail. I've never gone to court for one, I don't know what to say!

Sharalea said...

I did NOT get out of the ticket, but by going to the traffic court, I was able to pay an extra fee to make sure it didn't get on my record, thereby safeguarding our insurance rates from going up.

It was actually quite fascinating to be there & hear/see all of the proceedings (it was more than just traffic violations). said...

I'm glad you enjoyed traffic court. That was my plan - to do traffic school to keep it off my record. I went in Salt Lake once and the instructor was quite a character.