Thankful Thursday Thoughts (Friday April 13th)

I've been a bit...absent 
from the blogging world 
over the last several weeks.

I felt some stress about missing Thankful Thursdays
(I've never missed this many weeks since I began typing up thanks)

I wondered if I was doing myself a disservice by ignoring it all
while I've been on *vacation mode* 
(and pre-vacay, post-vacay, and visitors-from-out-of-town mode)

And then, I felt a sort of satisfactory relief from the pressure

I realized that I should only DO it 
if it makes me HAPPY ...
If it is still giving me JOY and a weekly upLIFT

I realized that I should not put such pressure on myself 
to keep up a blogging roll or present photo collages

When my real focus should
be on myself,
keeping up with my babies' rolls and being present in my mothering collages

I thought about giving it up
(I tend to have a self-defeating 'ALL or NOTHING' attitude about things like this)

Then I reminded myself of the positive energy and calming refresh I feel 
when I sit down to 
think, type, and share
my Thankful Thoughts

So on we go...I'll not pressure myself to post
EVERY SINGLE Thursday if I don't want to.
I will enjoy it when it works, 
and I will not fret when it doesn't.

And for a quick roundup of the weeks missed:

March 22nd: I'm Thankful for a wonderfully spacious van to travel in; I'm thankful for the safe travels we enjoyed, I'm thankful for the  fun energy of a road trip, I'm thankful for my happy travel babies, I'm thankful for my handsome co-pilot, I'm thankful for our families that have welcomed us home for our spring visit!

March 29th: I'm Thankful for a beautiful blessing Sunday, I'm thankful for fun family gatherings with siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, grands & great-grands; I'm thankful for Southern hospitality, accents, & cooking; I'm thankful for green sprouts and white dogwood trees; I'm thankful for in-laws that love me & my babies; I'm thankful for my beautiful family and the promises we have to be together forever from a 
very loving Heavenly Father.

April 5th: I'm Thankful for safe travels home from TN; I'm Thankful for easy travelers all along the way; I'm Thankful for my amazing husband who drove, served, laughed, and unpacked; I'm Thankful for a washer & dryer; I'm Thankful for General Conference weekend at my parents house; I'm Thankful for sweet downtime with my babies and my parents; I'm Thankful for reminders of who I am; I'm Thankful for one of my BYU roommie favorites--here for a nice long visit!

April 12th: I'm Thankful for the Mr.'s job; I'm Thankful for lazy mornings and late nights with my girl Kendra; I'm Thankful for fun things to do in our area; I'm Thankful to live so close to the airport, I'm Thankful for quality down time; I'm Thankful to be able to have the option of doing the work of a SAHM; I'm Thankful for jelly bellies; I'm Thankful for the sacrifice of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ--his atonement allows us to find hope & peace through His love.

And you? Feeling Thankful?

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Linda said...

Good for you Shara! Here is the thing. Your blog is awesome! But you really are not under command to do it! As you say, it should give you joy ( but should not be a huge pressure point! ) I certainly enjoy your updates!