Monday Morning Quote: Family Love

"All of us,
 single or married, 
are eternally part of 
some family "someway, somewhere, somehow”
and much of our joy in life comes 
as we correctly recognize and properly develop 
those family relationships. 

We come to this earth charged with a mission:
 to learn to love and serve one another. 

To best help us accomplish this, 
God has placed us in families, 
for he knows that is where we can best learn to overcome selfishness and pride and to sacrifice for others 
and to make happiness and helpfulness and humility 
and love the very essence of our character."

-John H. Groberg


Linda said...

Beautiful! Koli Poki!

Miles said...

Koli Poki!!!! Exactly what I was thinking! My kids' favorite movie is Johnny Lingo!

JosephJ said...

You know, this type of thought crosses my mind on occasion... we get so hung up on mother/father/brother/sister side of things that we don't see the eternal nature of our souls.

We want to see our family members prosper, and will go out of our way to help them-- why not take the same perspective to our other eternal family members? There's so much generosity that we can contribute to supporting/cheering/encouraging others on their way.