Once a year

Once a year there is 
a very special Sunday program.

The Primary kids (ages 3-11) spend many Sundays preparing for this one Sunday (in addition to all the other fun/songs/lessons they enjoy). They learn new songs that teach about the Savior Jesus Christ, and they have a specific theme. This year, the theme was Choose The Right. 

I remember being in Primary as a child and the nervousness and excitement that surrounded the Primary Program Sunday. I remember wearing a favorite dress and sitting with my friends on the stand in front of the entire congregation. I also remember feeling so glad it was over...getting in front of people was NOT my idea of fun (this is also why I declined any & all offers to take dance lessons--recital? NOthankyou!).

As I grew older, I truly enjoyed watching the Primary kids get up and share their songs of faith and voices of testimony. They each get a speaking part and join with their classes as a group in song. It is usually the most entertaining (remember: 3-11 year olds on the stand for almost an entire hour) and also the most spiritual Sunday in the year.

As an adult, I have had the opportunity to participate in leadership/teaching roles in the Primary and always got a little teary eyed when I imagined my very own children taking part in the yearly program. Their sweet voices in song and word are precious and remind me of the Savior's council to "become as little children" (Matthew 18:3).

Of course, there is always a kid who throws his head back refusing to sing*, a kid who pulls his shirt up for all to see a bare belly, a kid who stares his parents down, a kid who goes limp when his teacher tries to help him say his part, a kid looks down at the crowd through finger binoculars.

This year?

This year that kid was mine.

*Our stubborn darling knows every single song, he was just intent in NOT singing. We, his excited parents mouthed all the words to each song, hopeful he would join them. NOPE.  He did awesomely sit up front the entire time and was mostly reverent. Here's to next year!

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Linda said...

I am sorry that makes me laugh. I know he is a kid with a great voice, who does like to sing! You can't force a kid to eat, poop, or sing. And other things. You certainly grew out of not wanting to be in front of people. Likely, he will too. He has made progress this year! HE GOT UP THERE! ( I feel your parental pain, though...)

Linda said...
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Kendra said...

Ha ha! What a little stinker. This last week at our Primary Program, Owen say the kids and said, "I want to sing!" Let's hope he still feels that way once he's in Primary!