Thankful Thursday: November 15, 2012

Yesterday I made a banner for our 
first ever
Thanksgiving Tree

Honestly, I am just ready for a tree 
with soft white lights in my house
and felt no need to wait until December.

I mean really, that month zips past me faster than all the rest--
I'd like to enjoy the ambiance of twinkling lights just a bit longer!

So Mr. H agreed to get the box out of the garage for me
and we assembled our fake tree 
in a little corner of our upstairs family room.
We tested the lights and did the work of delicately weaving
the glowing bulbs in between the twisty green branches.

I added turkey cut outs to add a bit of Thanksgiving imagery. 
Yesterday I added a give thanks banner 
and yellow sunflower pages upon which I scribbled 
thankful thoughts after discussing
with the three littles.

With much to be grateful for...
and I like the idea of making 
the Thanksgiving holiday
a bit more shiny and visible...
...especially with my little troupe.

As for today...I'm thankful for:

-friends that make my kids laugh
-scheduled visits/playdates/visiting teaching that fulfill my social need (without ever having to leave the house!)
-friends whose Thankful thoughts inspire me
-opportunities to give of myself (and stretch!)
-an amazing brother who juggles Church service, husbanding, & fathering with impressive clarity and calm--your vision & focus are a bright light for me, J!
-an amazing brother who serves, works, and loves his wife with the sweetest tender love (and who just joined us in the 30's club! Happy Bday week, B!)
-an amazing youngest brother who surpasses me in so many facets of life (patience, never giving up, mathematics...), and this time it will be with his bachelor's degree...way to go S!
-a fun-filled busy weekend with Mr. H at home
-this month of extra blogging & extra shared Thankfulness
-homemade bread (from my oven and others who share from theirs!)
-reasons to work harder
-babies who smile with crinkled noses
-toddlers who throw their head back to laugh
-preschoolers who carefully "tuck me in" at the end of a long day
-Mr. H's phone calls
-a motion light by our deck
-sweet November sunshine

That's all for now.
What about you? 
Thankful trees or thoughts? 

Every day in November!  NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month. Write a post on your blog every day in November. Since last year didn't kill me, I've decided to do it again this year. 
Do you want to join me?

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