Thankful Thursday: November 22, 2012

I have been blogging 
Thankful Thursday 
 for a few years now.

My weekly tradition started out of a need to 
notice, identify, recognize--
to provide more
balance, joy, & focus.

Sometimes I am very good about getting my weekly list posted before lunchtime...other times I let weeks of thankful thoughts pile up on my desk. I try to keep track and list the many little and larger things as they enter & exit into my life and my family.

I have enjoyed extra servings
of happiness and fulfillment 
to my weeks & days
as I try to find ways to 
fill my Thankful plate.

Today is an extra special Thankful Thursday

Buttered up with herbs and sea salt
the bird is in the roaster
and it's time to stir up some grateful gravy.

I'm Thankful For:

This week:
-fun friends to spend time with in my home
-new recipes!
-3 photoshoots in 3 days (the energy of beautiful, smiling people)
-Mr. H's safe returns
-new "family" in our new state & shared meals
-a first round of turkey
-my new dentist (and the Lindt chocolates that the office gifted me)
-clothes to fold (looking on the bright side here)
-Mr. H's fantastic talk on gratitude
-red lentils
-lysol cleaning wipes 
-beautiful last days of gorgeous fall weather
-walks to the park
-phonecalls with my Mama
-texting with friends
-morning cuddles w/the nursling
-afternoon preschool with the oldest
-evening storytime with the middle
-people who inspire me to be better than I am
-the many blessings that we enjoy every day and a month of Thankful focus to recognize boldly!

Thanksgiving version:

-my dear, sweet, hard-working, amazing, thoughtful, hilarious Mr. H who  supports my dreams , inspires me, and cares for me like a princess 
-my darling three... I am so blessed to be called "Mama" (I could go on for hours on this one)
-my amazing family who loves me, shares sweet memories, and  who remind me of  who I want to be
-my incredible 3 brothers who are hard working, faith-filled, humble, geniuses, and overall quite incredible
-my Mom who's birthday is TODAY and who has loved me since before we ever met--her love and  advice are  major pieces of the best things in my life
-my in-laws who embrace me like a daughter and who love my children with  pure emotion and gentleness
-my extended family who I love to keep in touch with through the many miracles of the modern age we take for granted
-our health, my husband's health, my children's health, and the relatively good health of our families
-our daily blessings (our new home, our cars that work, our steady income, the food in our fridge, the clothes on our backs, the blankets on our bed, the soap in our showers, the crafts in our closets)
-this country of strength, freedom, and dreams
-those who give their lives to protect our freedoms & dreams
-the opportunity to worship as we desire
-the gospel of Jesus Christ...His powerful love and the comfort that comes from prayer and communion with Him through the Father
-God who is over all, gives us all, and provides answers to our heartfelt prayers

Feeling grateful
and wishing you & yours a very 
Happy & safe Thanksgiving!

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Emily Johnson said...

I love your positive attitude. We really do have so much to be thankful for.