Thankful Thursday: November 29, 2012

It's a crisp fall morning
at our Midwestern casa.

The snowfall (less than 1/2 inch) from last Thursday
is still clinging to the coldest corners, crevices, and grassy spots
the temperatures have kept cool.

My cozy kitchen is a happy place today
(cookies baking, dough rising, little bellies filling with breakfast mush)
and my Thankful heart is too!

I'm Thankful for:   

-the upstairs fireplace (kept us warm when our furnace was being finicky)
-friends coming over
-new soups to try
-Almond milk
-nighttime stories (last night there was a giraffe that eats jelly leaves)
-fun phone chats (dear friends, my Mom, & one of my sis-in-laws)
-people who serve with smiles
-My Mom's bday last Thursday and my Dad's bday TODAY (I love that they are a week apart)
-fresh starts every day
-the temple (and that it's so close!)
-low key mornings
-the moments when I see myself stretching/growing/becoming
-the moments when I see my faults and know I can change/improve/repent
-last week's hosting events
-the lack of language barrier in the gospel of Jesus Christ
-naan bread & saris
-a helpful, awesome Mr. (who babywears our baby during Church so I can teach last minute lessons)
-J's new blue room (all done! baseboards, trim, closet, doors, ceiling, walls) & Mr. H's hard work to make it happen
-freshly cut apples
-surprise boxes on our doorstep
-lunch dates
-calming peace from God's love

And, you know...there's always more than the typed list.
Feeling grateful to have a warm home, healthy family, and Mr. who gets home tonight! 

You? Warm & Thankful?


JosephJ said...

Sounds like a fun week in MN.

I dig a nice glass of Almond Milk also. Don't know that I'd look any good in a sari, though.

Does Mr wear a suit when he baby-wears, or is he down to a shirt or sweater? I need to think about how I'm going to relieve the Mrs when our newborn comes along soon. Fun times!

AthenaP said...

Ahh! i am thankful for most of those as well. :)

Emily Johnson said...

I'm curious...what was the bedtime story that involved giraffes eating jelly leaves?