Thankful Thursday: 12/20 & 12/27: 2012

Today is Thursday, y'all!

The very last Thursday in 2012, can you believe it?

I just scanned back in my log of Thankful posts 

What a year!

Today I'm carrying two platters of Thankful bites--
one from last week, one from today.

My wee one is snoozing and the pajama wearing boys 
are munching on the disassembled gingerbread house 
(nibble, nibble, nibble)

Mr. H is pulling off hall baseboards 
while the newly painted office trim is drying
(vacation days are for sleeping in, family time, and projects too!)... is definitely time for me to share
my last two days o' Thanks
for the twenty12.

Thursday December 20th:
-my Mr. who excelled above & beyond in his role as Mr. Mom last week while I was out of town
-my oldest 2 who enjoyed the Daddy time and are now helping me get back to the swing of things while Daddy is gone
-the unparalleled fun last weekend with my three brothers & I all under my parent's roof (WA, MA, & MN-represent!)
-the inspiring dedication & hard work of my bro Spencer who fights beyond physical challenges to reach new success & heights (graduation! he beat me!)
-down time with Aunt D, Uncle D, & Cousin R
-Sunday morning in T-town
-a mostly happy flying buddy and a beer drinking 40-something Dad who didn't make it too awkward when I breastfed
-a lovely 24 hours all together again before Mr. H headed out again
-the blessing of being with my family before Christmas & Mr. H being able to surprise his family for a day of fun as well
-these precious days before Christmas to read scriptures with a special focus, sing carols, and enliven our hearts with the Savior's love

Thursday December 27th:
-my Mr. who      folds laundry, wraps presents from Santa, makes Christmas breakfast, cleans Christmas messes, and cuddles our three bear cubs  with tickly monster growls
-J whose kind helpfulness with his siblings overshadows his difficulty sharing (most of the time) and who brightened our Christmas morning with gleeful squeals and kazoo songs
-N whose sweet   smiles and new words (water! sleep! milk!) surprise us every day
-Miss N whose new discoveries (standing! clapping! new teeth! stair climbing!) and joyful spirit makes our family time that much sweeter
-the generous gifting of family and friends: we are blessed
-the twinkle & glitter of holiday decor that makes me smile
-quiet time at night to reflect, ponder, wonder, pray, cry, and dream
-the assurance through Christ that there is hope for tomorrow even with the heartbreak & loss that exists in our world today
-Christmas traditions (Swedish meatballs, gingerbread house building, Christmas bread for neighbors,  scripture advent,  movie night, driving around to see Christmas lights, cookies for Santa)
-our very first Christmas home as a little family (no travel/visitors)
-kids that let us sleep in (even on Christmas day!)
-skype to "visit" with both sets of grandparents on Christmas day (and show all the new fun things)
-the joys of being a mother on Christmas day
-the blessed day & season to celebrate the birth and life of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

I cannot end this post without expressing my deep gratitude for this amazing year of ups, downs, jumps, falls, new friends, old friends, moving, grooving, changing, becoming, breaking, fixing, building, mourning, losing, finding, discovering, rejoicing, honoring, learning, serving, re-learning and recording.

I'm grateful for this outlet to focus on Thankfulness and look forward to another year of Thursdays and bulleted statements.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas week
and Thankful New Year!

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