Thankful Thursday: January 10, 2013

Ah ha!

Thursday again, and I need to focus. 

The kids have been sick, I have had to cancel playdates and plans--and I've been a little bit more emotional/sensitive than usual
(chalk it up to hormones)

This week is a long one (first one back from holiday break always is, isn't it?)
and we can't wait for Mr. H to get home!

Until then, a little Thankfulness 
oughta serve us well.

I'm Thankful For:

-ginger snaps
-understanding, loving friends
-supportive, cheer-me-on Mr. H
-newly painted walls
-new frames with smiles in them
-learning/teaching moments with my children (and myself)
-new recipes
-ideas coming together
-snuggling quiet time (even if it also includes snot)
-all 3 napping at the same time
-crockpot dinner on Sunday
-thoughtful neighbors
-friendly reminders
-cake scented candles
-love notes on a white board
-itsy bitsy pigtails on my daughter
-fox-faced slippers on my N
-homemade cape on my Super J
-coloring projects
-phone chats w/my Mama
-peace that comes with prayer

That's it for me. For now. And you?

1 comment:

Linda said...

Thanks for the reminder of gratitude! love YOU!