Thankful Thursday: January 3, 2013

Oh what a beautiful morning!

Sunshine and fluffy snow 
(think: snow globe)
and the temperature is holding steady in the teens
(not too shabby)

The energy of the new year is strong in our house.
The kids wake up excited to play (their favorite new toys are the costumes and play food), we have been trying out new cookie recipes
 (from today's oven: soft almond sugar cookies)
because guess what? 

My  new years healthy/fitness plans don't start 'till next week.

That's right. 
New years goals that defer a week.
It takes the stress off of that first 
still-in-holiday-mode week
and my desire to start off with perfection.

That said, I've got lots of grateful goodies 
from this past week...

I'm Thankful For:

-three happy, healthy, playful little ones (even with runny noses)
-J's willingness to share new things (sometimes needing convincing)
-N's new words ("Yack-son", "Nay-thin", "bread", "watoh", "fathoh" ...and many more...daily, new words. awesome)
-Miss N's new teeth (top two! all she wanted for Christmas?) & confident smiles as she takes tentative steps
-Mr. H's willingness to work-work-work late hours to get projects finished ...with perfection (the downstairs office looks amazing & the upstairs hallways is almost done)
-these holiday days that are filled with wrestling, headstands, baking, sharing, & home time together
-almond extract (love)
-snow plows
-purple socks (and little girl purple tutus)
-all of the wonderful friends who sent Christmas cards (our fridge is more colorful than ever!)
-a low key New Years (sad our kids were sick, grateful for a warm house...)
-cleaning time after the kids are in bed...with Mr. H...that's pretty much how we rang in the New Year (plus generic oreos and almond milk)
-all of my happy pregnant family & friends--blessings!
-new project plans
-new white boards & list making tools
-warm driving gloves
-sledding fun in our driveway (it's flat. I just pulled them around)
-hot chocolate mustaches on my boys
-morning snuggles with my baby girl 
-homemade oreo truffle gifts (to give!)
-surprises in the mail
-the enduring love of family and friends
-the ultimate love of our Savior Jesus Christ & our Heavenly Father

That's my list...first one of 2013.

Feeling thankful this Thursday?

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