Thankful Thursday: February 21, 2013

My toes are cozy in new socks (neon green hearts),
my friend E just left after a fun visit,
my hair is pulled back in spiked twisted knots,
& tonight I'm meeting another friend for hugs & hot chocolate!

It's been a good day...and the last week was peppered with 
Lots to be thankful for!

-Mr. H's days away shrunk by one (Winter Storm Q, we welcome you here but don't want the man in his car to be stuck with you in Iowa!)
-my birthday present to myself (groupon deal!)
-our cozy home (posted about it on the fam blog HERE)
-the snow outside (and more to come?)
-my new socks 
-a long, hot shower this morning (hubs is home! yes!)
-the snowblower our neighbor is sharing with us
-friends to come over, friends to meet up with, friends to go out with, friends to laugh with, friends to think with
-new discoveries about who I am
-J's insightful answers to spiritual questions
-N's interest in book reading (and our book-reading-snuggles this morning in my bed)
-Miss N's pigtails (and her giggle-tastic personality)
-craigslist finds (something to be delivered on Saturday...more on that next week)
-the color yellow
-coconut oil
-fluffy pillows
-wireless internet
-chunky bangs
-flannel pajama pants
-family videos
-no bake cookies
-the calm that comes with, through, and after heartfelt prayer

You? Thankful this Thursday?

Jackson is beside me 
& asked what I was writing. 
Here is his list today:
-for our house
-for the sun
-for thankfulness
-for Mommy
-for Daddy and Nathan & Noelle
-for the blue sky
-for taking Wawee to Costco with me today
-for loving Wawee
-for this wonderful Christmas
-for Sunday
- "ok that's all I have"

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