Thankful Thursday: February 28, 2013

Our snow mounds are doing some melting this week 
as our highs hover in the 30's (kind of like me...haha)
More on my birthday weekend 
& such over on the fam blog HERE

My Mr. just called on his drive home from
S. Dakota--he's bringing a special dessert
just for me.
I can't wait.

Until then, I've got a few mouths to feed (leftovers),
some crumbs to sweep, a load of laundry to start
and a dance party to attend in the playroom.
So! Better make this quick.

I'm Thankful For:

-sweet dreams
-cards in the mail
-phone dates with friends
-homemade pizza with sausage
-Mr. H's banged up car that still works for us & Mr. H being willing to drive it (even to S. Dakota!)
-all 3 napping at the same time
-J's increased strength & ability (his new favorite: vacuuming carpets!)
-N's increased independence (first escape from the crib today!)
-Miss N's teasing smile (especially when she tickles the piano keys)
-our new piano! (see more on the family blog)
-birthday date night 
-library books
-opportunities to learn and study (& share!)
-scripture study with my littles
-hearing J come up with new games during "quiet time"
-hearing N sing songs during "quiet time"
-hearing the clompity clomp sounds of Miss N crawling as fast as she can around the corner
-the many February birthdays in our family
-a journal entry every single day this year (2 months down!)
-Mr. H's job
-pom pom crafts
-my Mom giving birth to me (3 weeks early!) on a Sunday evening 33 years ago
-a month full of Valentine love, birthday songs, & more

How about you? Thankful for February?

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