Thankful Thursday: February 7, 2013

It's Thursday, yo!

I'm Thankful For:

-fresh new numbers on my white board calendar
-nap time! and bed time!
-a raspy 2 year old voice singing songs
-brooms to clean up bread crumbs (an entire loaf of crumbs, thank you Mr. N!)
-tissues (2 little runny noses at my house this week)
-phone calls with cousins
-updated To Do lists
-the rush from finding & using creative energy
-enough clothes to have clean clothes piles
-new closet doors in our room & hallway (they close all the way!)
-my Mr. who can put up a new door & frame lickity split
-a confident 4 year old voice playing make believe in his room ("playing missionary")
-coconut oil for all of our dry spots & cooking needs
-our kind neighbor who has taken care of snow removal this week
-hide & go seek games before bed w/my boys
-a Sunday at our old stompin' grounds...hugs and smiles with dear friends
-the ease of an email (though I might miss mail on Saturdays!)
-my awesome brother & sister-in-law and their newest baby boy--Mr. G! 
-February birthdays :)
-surprises (see the family blog HERE for a "peach butter" surprise when Mr. H gets home)
-space heaters
-a giggly (yet snotty) Miss N on my shoulder
-new socks with polka dots!
-hearing/saying "I'm sorry"
-hearing/saying "I love you"
-turbo tax
-journals (I've journaled every day this year so far!)
-a full gas tank but not needing to go anywhere
-the gift of a hug

 One week into February...feeling thankful?

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