Thankful Thursday: Friday February 15, 2013

Yesterday was wild!

I woke up early to make a batch of sugar cookies,
(heart shaped, naturally)
bright pink frosting,
& assist in assembling homemade Valentine's 
for J to take with him
to a Valentine party we were crashing
(our old preschool chums were happy to let us join them for love-themed fun!)

After preschool we stayed to visit & lunch,
hit Costco for sample snacks & a Valentiny gift for my Mr.,
I came home to clean up the mess I'd left that morning 
and then headed out the door again (visiting teaching!)...
...when I returned home, my friend was here for dinner 
with us & we enjoyed an evening of chat and fun.

Not a minute to spare, my Thankful Thursday 
just didn't happen--so--
here we are (no less thankful) on Friday!

I'm Thankful For:
-Mr. H's successful presentation w/his colleagues in Florida last week
-Mr. H coming home from Florida last week!
-my bright colored tulips & the love note that came with them
-slushy, wet snow (perfect for our snowman!)
-Mr. H being home to clear the slushy, wet snow
-hot chocolate mustaches on my boys 
-PBS kids
-J's imagination play
-N's song time
-Miss N's gaggly babbles
-scissors (and paper hearts cut with them!)
-the feeling you get when you share something
-new friends
-plans re-scheduled
-forgiving friends
-yesterday's busy day
-today's zoo outing w/friends 
-tomorrow's family time plans
-the experiences and moments throughout my life that testify of the life and love of our Savior Jesus Christ

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AthenaP said...

smile ;) I love these