Thankful Thursday: Friday March 8th, 2013

It's Friday
Sometimes Thankful Thursday happens on Friday
Yesterday we had a wonderfully busy morning--out the door & onto playgroup. Afterwards we ate  lunch like a bunch of monsters, started some bread dough, and all had naps {heaven}.  I could have posted my thankfulness...had I not pulled/strained a muscle that made me grumpy and not want to do anything but lay around and listen to my children play. Today I'm still in pain but wanted to get this done before I lay down compresses are my mantra today.

I'm Thankful For:

-the babbling songs that little boy N sings in the morning before he exclaims: "Mama! All done!" from the crib that he knows how to crawl out of but mostly doesn't
-the quiet whispers of J in the early morning hours "Can I sleep in here? I had a bad dream...ancient ghosts..." and then giggles in his sleep 
-the little pressure tickles from Miss N's fingers when she is patting my back as we lounge around together
-the gentle kisses from Mr. H before he heads to work...whether it be to fly across the country or fly downstairs to his in-home office
-Mr. H's every-other-week in home office schedule (there are challenges to having your spouse working at home but also some sweet perks!)
-the recliner we bought when I was 9 months pregnant with little boy N--that allowed me to rock little girl N at 2am this morning when she needed comfort
-the soft hum of the baby monitor that lets me know that Miss N has fallen sound asleep
-the way my house smells when we fill the kitchen with homemade goodness (last night: lentil soup & bread--some for us, some for friends)
-a fun & uplifting playgroup yesterday
-Insight & inspiration from Stake Conference
-the lovely lunch with friends on Sunday
-new trim up around my closet
-fabulous snow! sledding! hot chocolate!
-low key mornings
-quality conversations
-peanut butter 
-Bio-Freeze & pillows
-marking things off the To-Do list
-our piano (I've been practicing this week & loving it!)
-new snow shoes (water proof! finally!)
-the awesome group of women I get to surround myself with --both old & new friends--Happy International Women's Day!
-the amazing women in my family tree who sacrificed, loved, lost, worked, and breathed their way through every hard thing--Happy International Women's Day!
-the amazing women throughout history who would not take "no" for an answer and molded them into YES!-Happy International Women's Day!

Thankful today?

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