Thankful Thursday: March 28, 2013

My house is currently in a foggy haze 
of suitcases, lists, and pre-travel energy.

Tomorrow we will pile in the swagger wagon
 for our 2nd annual Spring Trip South, y'all!

We are so excited,
and I am so exhausted from 
the pre-planning & packing. 
I don't remember my Mom being 
stressed out before a trip but I am assured she was. 

I am so looking forward to quality family & friend time, making new memories, strengthening relationships, sharing stories, and enjoying springlike weather! 

Grass! Maybe even some flowers?

Either way, I'm Thankful For:

-our patch of grass showing through the snow
-a reliable washer & dryer in my own home
-warm towels
-hair products
-fresh & dried fruit
-the way my house smells when bread is baking
-kind notes from friends
-unexpected hugs
-thank you notes (my favorite to send & receive!)
-clean post-bath babies
-piggy tails on my girl
-clothes my Mom saved from when I was a baby
-snoring toddlers
-a clean, half-way packed van
-graham crackers
-google drive
-friends who motivate
-polka dots & yellow stripes
-family smiles
-creative games directed by J ('car wash' was our post-dinner act)
-tickle fest instigated by N
-crawling races won by Miss N (we let her win, of course)
-reminders of truth
-this Holy Week
-the hope of new life given to us by Christ, the resurrected Lord

Feeling Thankful?

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