Thankful Thursday: May 16, 2013

We are half way through this fine May-ful month. Here in Minnesota we've had scarf weather & swimsuit weather...all in these little two weeks.

Right now three little bowls of oatmeal on the table, 
laundry in stacks of cleanliness, 
boxes in the recycle trash, 
& a running list on my's Thursday, folks!

I'm Thankful For:

-my healthy babies (reminders this week that I take it for granted every second of the day)
-moments of clarity
-mind-boost after exercise 
-google 'hang outs' with family
-quick acting messages of love
-envelopes with my name on it
-great groupon deals
-shopping trips & new friends
-double stroller
-Miss N's gibbley jabber
-Mr. N's sweetest "i love you so much"
-J's requests for extra cuddles
-green leaves & grass
-family prayer (with Mr. H on the phone)
-warm breezes
-little changes that make big differences
-positive energy
-kiwi fruit
-outside picnics
-people who care
-the gps that helps me from getting lost downtown
-breakfast in bed on mother's day
-the dandelion J gave to me today 
-the old & reliable washer/dryer in my basement
-my full gas tank
-mango papaya IKEA candles
-playdate plans
-Mr. H returning this evening (!!)
-the gift of life

And you? Feeling Thankful?

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