Thankful Thursday: June 13, 2013

Our cold days turned to wet days turned to humid days and finally (!!) today we get to enjoy some sunshine & breezes!

Windows open, kids' laughter bouncing on the leaves. Miss N slept in loooong after a rough teething night.

My heart is full. Love these kinds of days.

I'm Thankful For:

-the vintage Fisher Price barn that my kids will play with for hours
-the bird chirping sounds outside our open windows
-the birthday invite on our fridge
-the sounds of little boys getting along wonderfully
-clean laundry
-gracious friends who inspire me
-opportunities to share
-new friends
-Mr. H's short travel week
-freshly cut grass
-sunshine after rain
-answered prayers
-tender mercies & shared stories
-friends who make me want to be better
-skyping with my Mom (as she 'babysits' my kids and I get some cleaning done!)
-little girl lashes
-little boy lips
-big boy freckles
-quiet naptimes
-busy playtimes
-dinosaur smiles
-the joy of vacation planning (not thankful for the stressful parts)
-summer sunshine!
-photos of my littles
-growing grass
-cookie dough
-thank you notes
-Sister missionaries
-brown rice
-soft kitchen rugs
-dried cranberries in my oatmeal
-reminders of a loving God who knows our heartaches before they happen

Feeling it. You?

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Katie Bradley said...

We're new friends! We made it on your blog! Yay!